Large number of candidates in Kitsap unopposed for general election

A number of candidates in the Nov. 7 general election should already be lsb to take office as they are unopposed.

On Bainbridge Island, that includes Mayor Brenda Fantroy-Johnson, Councilmember Leslie Schneider and newcomer Ashley Mathews, who is moving up from the Planning Commission. For the school district, that includes incumbent Sanjay Pal and newly appointed Kelly Cancialosi. Bruce G. Alward and incumbent Andrea Chymly are unopposed for the fire district.

In Bremerton, incumbents John Paul Hurley and Jonee Dubos are unopposed for the school district. In Central Kitsap, running uncontested for the fire district are incumbents Rod Elmore and Bob Muhleman. Many are uncontested for Port District positions, including incumbent Axel Strakeljahn (Bremerton), returner Kenneth McEwan (Brownsville), returnee Jeffrey Rupert and newcomer Eric Hall (Illahee), and incumbent Bill Wright (Tracyton). Incumbent Marcus Hoffman is running uncontested for the Silverdale Water District, along with Mary Sevilla for the North Perry Water District.

In South Kitsap, returner Jeff Reynolds is running uncontested for the Port of Waterman. Uncontested in water districts are: incumbents Steve Pedersen (Manchester) and David Larman (Sunnyslope).

In Poulsbo and North Kitsap, Pam Crowe and incumbent Britt Livdahl are running unopposed for Poulsbo City Council. Newcomer Stephen E. Neupert and incumbent John Huntington are running unopposed for North Kitsap Fire & Rescue. Poulsbo Fire has incumbents Jeff Uberuaga and David Ellingson unopposed.

Not being challenged in Port districts are: incumbent Jeff Henderson (Indianola); incumbent David Roberts (Eglon); returnee Laura Gronnvoll (Kingston); and newcomer Jay Lawrence (Poulsbo).

Finally, incumbent Jason Manges is unopposed in the Park District for Village Green.