Kitsap Transit debuts new fast ferries website

Kitsap Transit introduces a new website that provides riders with data on its fast ferries.

BREMERTON – Nine months ago, Kitsap Transit launched its fast-ferry service from Bremerton to Seattle. The public now has the opportunity to learn how well the service is faring by visiting a data dashboard on Kitsap Transit’s website.

The Kitsap Fast Ferries Performance Indicators dashboard offers information on ridership, reliability and on-time performance. On a separate tab, visitors can see how full the 118-passenger ferry has been on average in each direction and by sailing.

The dashboard will be updated monthly and evolve with the planned addition of fast-ferry service in Kingston and Southworth.

The dashboard can be accessed here and can be shared via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

“We know the public has many questions about our fast-ferry service,” Executive Director John Clauson said in a news release.

“Our new Performance Indicators dashboard gives the public the ability to learn about the system’s health at a glance as well as the power to drill down by sailing and see what the demand looks like for our service in either direction.”

The dashboard shows the fast-ferry service completed 95 percent of scheduled sailings from July 2017 through March of this year. Last year Kitsap Transit experienced multiple breakdowns of the 118- passenger ferry Rich Passage 1. The dashboard puts those cancellations in context, according to Kitsap Transit spokesman Sanjay Bhatt, showing how the cancellations have fallen dramatically since last October.