Kitsap candidates file for 2020 elections

Kitsap candidates file for 2020 elections

Kitsap County will have a number of competitive primary elections in 2020, with several candidates filing for open seats in both the U.S. Congress and the Washington State Legislature.

Four challengers, one Democrat and three Republicans, have filed for Washington’s 6th District seat in Congress. Competitive primaries will also be found in position one for Washington’s 23rd Legislative District and position two of the 26th district.

Primary elections will be held on Aug. 4 and the general election is set for Nov. 3.

Here is a list of candidates who have filed:

Washington’s 6th Congressional District (two-year term)

Derek Kilmer (D) — incumbent

Rebecca Parson (D)

Johny Alberg (R)

Stephan Brodhead (R)

Elizabeth Kreiselmaier (R)

Chris Welton (R)

Washington’s 23rd Legislative District (four-year term)

State Senator

Christine Rolfes (D) — incumbent

Pam Madden-Boyer (R)

Representative Position 1

James Beall (D)

Leslie J. Daugs (D)

Lou Krukar (D)

Tarra Simmons (D)

April Ferguson (R)

Grant Romaine (R)

Representative Position 2

Drew Hansen (D) — incumbent

Elaina Gonzales-Blanton (R)

Washington’s 26th Legislative District (two-year term)

Representative Position 1

Jesse L. Young (R) — incumbent

Carrie Hesch (D)

Drew Darsow (D)

Representative Position 2

Michelle Caldier (R) — incumbent

Alisha Beeler (R)

Joy Stanford (D)

Washington’s 35th Legislative District (two-year term)

Representative Position 1

Dan Griffey (R) — incumbent

Colton Myers (D)

Representative Position 2

Drew C. MacEwen (R) — incumbent

Darcy Huffman (D)

Earl W. Burt

Kitsap County Commissioner (four-year term)

District 1

Robert Gelder (D) — incumbent

Scott Henden (R)

District 2

Charlotte Garrido (D) — incumbent

Stacey (Spencer) Smith (D)

Paul Nuchims (D)

Marcus Carter (R)

Oran R. Root (R)

Bob Perkins (no party)


State Supreme Court (six-year term)

Position 3

David Larson

Raquel Montoya-Lewis

Position 4

Charles W. Johnson

Position 6 (two-year unexpired)

Richard S. Sems

G. Helen Whitener

Position 7 (two-year unexpired)

Debra L. Stephens

Court of Appeals

Division 2, District 2, Position 1 (Six-year term)

Lisa L. Sutton

Kitsap Superior Court (four-year term)

Judge Position 1

Lynn Fleischbein

Tina Robinson

Judge Position 2

Michelle Adams

Judge Position 3

Melissa A. Hemstreet

Judge Position 4

William C. Houser

Judge Position 5

Jeffrey Basset

Judge Position 6

Kevin D. Hull

Judge Position 7

Jennifer Forbes

Judge Position 8

Sally F. Olson

Public Utility District 2 (six-year term)

Commissioner District 2

Jim Civilla

Precinct Committee Officer — Democratic (two-year term)

001 CP3

Dave Peterson

Franklin Meade

003 CP3

Renne Giraldin

022 CP3

Anna Mockler

040 CP3

Robin Henderson

046 CP3

Gene Hart

053 CP3

Mark Biggs

055 CP3

Suzanne G. Griffith

Summer Rose-Ostrander

058 CP3

Linda E. Streissguth

103 CP9

Carol J. Williams

105 CP9

Jo Fox Burr

121 CP9

John Lafleur

135 CP5

Ron Gillespie

139 CP5

James (Jim) Sommerhauser

143 CP5

Lillian Crawford

151 CP7

Ginny Duff

152 CP7

Ed Mulherin

153 CP7

Bob Grady

158 CP7

Janice L. McLemore

159 CP5

Steve Green

160 CP9

Joyce Merkel

161 CP9

Kevin Cavanagh

164 CP7

Heather Pauley

165 CP5

Mike Benefiel

170 CP5

Tarra Simmons

173 CP5

Sharon A. Peterson

201 CP2

Fred Chang

207 CP2

Andrew (Andy) Green

219 CP2

Donna Branch-Gilby

221 CP1

Ron Robinson

223 CP1

Alison Sonntag

241 CP1

Johanna Baxter

245 CP1

Brenda Callahan-McCormick

257 CP1

Tom Slyter

258 CP1

Douglas K. Smith

259 CP1

Judy Arbogast

263 CP1

Christopher Kim

267 CP1

Bobbette L. Olson

270 CP1

Anthony Otto

271 CP1

Gerry Austin

295 CP1

River A. Curtis-Stanley

301 CP4

Debbie Hollyer

305 CP4

Loren Best

317 CP4

Pamela Malo

322 CP4

Holly Brewer

Erin Phillips

330 CP4

Kevin Swan

333 CP4

Ted Jones

335 CP4

Steve Olsen

336 CP4

Roth M. Hafer

340 CP4

Lisa Bohonos

Chris Cromrich

403 CP8

Beth Worthington

410 CP8

Val Torrens

414 CP6

Diana Tyree-Eddy

415 CP6

Jesse H. Cockerham

417 CP6

Ginny Bell

419 CP6

Jeff Wiley

442 CP6

Evie Schwerin

423 CP6

Kathy Canderle

425 CP8

Robert Gelder

430 CP6

Chiara D’Angelo

Shirley C. Sax

435 CP8

Brian Maule

440 CP8

Carollynn Zimmers

441 CP8

Jerry Hebert

442 CP8

Alex McCracken

445 CP8

Chad M. Enright

450 CP6

Liz Dann

458 CP6

Kathleen Wallace

460 CP6

Martha L. Burke

461 CP6

Alice C. McCain

463 CP8

Laurie Kadet

Precinct Committee Officer — Republican (two-year term)

002 CP3

Charlie Eckert

003 CP3

Fred Downey

005 CP3

Tom Van Hollebeke

013 CP3

Ashley Goodrich

Dean M. Hough

029 CP3

Khristian Cardenas

David M. Harris

Mary Lou Long

037 CP3

Jessica L. Andersen

Bill Bauer

Dennis O’Neill

040 CP3

Gary Chaney

041 CP3

Drake A. Evans

046 CP3

Kristin Bitah

055 CP3

Daniel Bujok

056 CP3

Gary Sinclair

058 CP3

Sarah Spargur

TaVaun Woodruff

065 CP3

Barbara Zawlocki

066 CP3

John W. Fannon

067 CP3

Dan Hodun

083 CP3

John Wagner

102 CP9

Robert McLaughlin IV

103 CP9

Jason Skifstad

105 CP9

Mark DeBenon

106 CP9

Peter Jepsen

110 CP7

Kristine L. Cowan

111 CP7

Ken Erickson

David Hardison

120 CP9

Edward Duarte

122 CP9

Kenneth Day

Barbara Schultz

125 CP9

Ralph Adamson

126 CP5

Rose Ellen Roberts

127 CP5

Dean H. Jenniges

128 CP5

Steven Atkinson

130 CP7

Brett Warner

131 CP5

Heather Campbell

135 CP5

Ron Vaughn

Susan J. Yake

140 CP5

Patricia Ryan

143 CP5

Elaina Gonzales-Blanton

146 CP9

Carl Ogle

147 CP5

Matthew A. Sands

149 CP9

Richard Kuhns

150 CP5

Willard Butler

151 CP7

Brittany Katen

155 CP7

Charles F. DeCosta

160 CP9

Douglas Kitchens

David P. Meyering

161 CP9

Michael Bay

162 CP7

Vinton Linard

163 CP7

Jack Hamilton

164 CP7

Marcus Hoffman

170 CP5

Sandra LaCelle

John Howry

173 CP5

Angela Smith

201 CP2

Clancy Donlin

202 CP2

Alisha Beeler

Tabitha Carter

203 CP2

Cullen Pickard

204 CP2

Jeremy Dale Creed

205 CP2

Patricia Haines

207 CP2

Maria Apodaca

Tim Matthes

212 CP1

Judy Thompson

213 CP1

Janet L. Gibson

214 CP2

Heather George

218 CP1

Marcus Carter

219 CP2

Jason Moberg

220 CP2

Donald McBurney

223 CP1

Phil Paquette

227 CP1

Petero Peapea

Cheryl Rawlins

230 CP2

Jennifer Wilkinson

232 CP1

Robert Parker

240 CP1

Michael Gustavson

242 CP1

Janell Hall

245 CP1

Katharine Barrows

246 CP1

John R. Berg

250 CP1

Jeffrey Leon Heeb

Kathleen S. Matthews

252 CP1

Martha Mioni

255 CP1

Debra Trudeau

259 CP1

Steven Skeehan Sr.

260 CP1

Randall B. Garner

David Nickolos Kyle Kirby

263 CP1

Jennifer Sherman

Matthew Ward

265 CP1

Juliana McMahan

266 CP1

Kristin Mary Grose

267 CP1

Kalee Clardy

Daniel Smallwood

269 CP1

David Helland

270 CP1

Evelyn L. Baker

Jessie Rude

271 CP1

Tanya Compton

272 CP1

John Merill Davis

275 CP2

Tyler G. Miller

279 CP2

Pattie Struve

283 CP2

Eleanora Angela Branford

292 CP1

Carol L. Johnson

295 CP1

Glenny Compton

302 CP4

Elizabeth Doll

303 CP4

Shirley Olsen

Virginia Paul

304 CP4

Alice Tawresey

310 CP4

Joel B. Ard

312 CP4

Terrence Golden

Thomas R. Greene

314 CP4

Robert Hollett

Teris A. Sinclair

318 CP4

Thomas W. Hemphill

320 CP4

Cheryl Burns

321 CP4

Jackie Chipman

322 CP4

Nathan Russell

328 CP4

RG Russell

333 CP4

Trish Maguire

340 CP4

Juie Lightfoot

345 CP4

Michael Stevens

401 CP8

Rand Hein

Chris Valenta

403 CP8

Barbara Carpenter

404 CP8

Beverly Bruer

407 CP8

Connie Lord

410 CP8

Cheryl Stickney

412 CP8

Colin Beisley

James Oass

414 CP6

Autumn Starre Bennett

415 CP6

Shannon Beddo

Joyce Fiess

416 CP6

Colleen Smith

417 CP6

Malinda Tobin

421 CP6

Paula Rovik

422 CP6

William Almond

Dan Birnel

Johnny Walker

423 CP6

Jeremy Treibs

425 CP8

Janis V. Castle

426 CP8

Joan W. Gormer

Pam Madden-Boyer

427 CP8

Elizabeth Ann Burdyshaw

William Miller

430 CP6

Tamela Johnson

440 CP8

Jonathan Srail

442 CP8

Jeremy R. Duplissey

Jan Kelly

450 CP6

Shirley Brown

David B. Lindquist

453 CP6

Ronald Luke

Brian Stengele

455 CP8

James Almond

458 CP6

Howard W. Feinsten

Matthew C. Ogard

460 CP6

April Ferguson

461 CP6

Thomas Hubbard

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