Kingston man charged after gathering chemicals to allegedly make explosives

Journal advocating alleged racist attacks also found

A 23-year-old Kingston man was charged Thursday with two felonies of unlawful possession of an incendiary device, after allegedly gathering chemicals at his parent’s home to make explosives and advocating for racist attacks in his journal.

Alexander Friend was arrested Wednesday, police documents say. Police were initially notified Feb. 19 of the chemicals he had been gathering at his parent’s house on Norman Road NE, between Kingston Middle and Kingston High schools.

Friend’s sister found his journal, which contained chemical formulas for possible explosive devices and written statements against the government and people of color, documents state. His sister photographed the pages and called 911.

One of Friend’s entries states his family was being brainwashed by channels CNN and MSNBC.

“The whole system needs to burn,” one entry says. “Power stations need to be attacked, Seattle needs to have its importation infrastructure destroyed. Railroad lines need to be shredded. Destroy the substations in majority-Black districts, let the (n-words) burn it all down. F*** these subhuman abominations.”

Friend’s sister told police that she has been concerned about her brother’s comments about “the system” and minorities and has felt for some time that “he either has or is making a plan to hurt others” and is “working on some sort of active shooter situation or attack.”

Other journal entries consisted of: ballistic data for firearms and their uses and his desire to own and become more efficient with them, notes on the shooting rifles he owns, preparation for unconstitutional raids, diagram of human silhouette with body armor, derogatory comments toward minorities, distinct anger toward government and statements of how family means nothing to him.

After obtaining a search warrant, law enforcement allegedly found explosive chemicals in a detached garage.