Investigators release body camera footage from July 3 shooting

On Tuesday investigators with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office released body camera footage depicting the July 3 police shooting at Poulsbo’s Muriel Iverson Williams Waterfront Park, which killed Stonechild Chiefstick.

The footage was released to the North Kitsap Herald as part of an ongoing public records disclosure of all documents and materials gathered by Kitsap Critical Incident Response Team (KCIRT) investigators following the shooting.

The footage depicts multiple officers before and after the shooting. Officer Michael Miulli’s footage shows him making contact with Chiefstick after responders received complaints of suspicious behavior.

Officer Craig Keller’s footage depicts him approaching Chiefstick, at about 1:53 a voice off-camera can be heard saying that Chiefstick has a screwdriver in his right pocket. At 2:24 when Keller makes contact with Chiefstick, it appears that Chiefstick tells Keller to “chill out” while he breaks away. In the brief scuffle, Keller’s body camera is knocked to the ground. At 2:30, officers yell at Chiefstick to get on the ground before Keller fires his weapon, striking him in the face and torso.

According to Lt. Kevin Crane, assistant commander for the KCIRT investigation, Keller’s body camera footage is the only footage of the shooting itself. According to Crane, only patrol officers are issued body cameras.

Included below is a video compiled from the incident.

Warning: this video contains graphic footage and language of a fatal police shooting.

Editors Note: this story was updated on Nov. 13, 2019