‘HIVE’ patrol results in more than 80 traffic stops

Future patrols next month in South Kitsap

PORT ORCHARD — A multi-agency teaming effort called HIVE — High Visibility Enforcement — resulted in 83 traffic stops, two drug arrests and six drivers nabbed for having suspended driver’s licenses during a four-hour period Jan. 23 along state Route 16 in Gorst and SR 160 in Port Orchard.

The HIVE patrol, which included officers from the Port Orchard Police Department, Bremerton Police Department and troopers from the Washington State Patrol, scoured the roadways as part of an effort to reduce serious injury and fatality collisions. The patrol took place between 2 and 6 p.m. along those busy roadways in South Kitsap.

WSP Trooper Chelsea Hodgson said of the 83 traffic stops, 20 drivers were cited for exceeding the speed limit. The two drug arrests included one felony and one misdemeanor violation. No collisions were reported within the emphasis area, Hodgson said.

“After reviewing Thursday’s efforts and seeing the outcome, WSP will be adding additional resources and asking more allied agencies to partner with us toward our shared goal of safe roadways,” WSP District 8 Captain James Mjor said.

“We plan to conduct these types of emphasis patrols in and around Gorst on a regular basis to reduce collisions.”

WSP data from the past six years identifies the five-mile radius near Gorst as an area with a high volume of collisions, 25 percent of which result in injuries, serious injuries or fatalities. Forty percent of collisions WSP says it investigates within the area of Gorst occur between the hours of 2 and 6 p.m.

HIVE patrols focus on collision violations, including speed, following distance, impaired driving, distracted driving and aggressive driving behaviors.

Future HIVE patrols will be conducted in high collision areas throughout Kitsap County, including on SR 3 and SR 16 on Thursday, Feb. 13 and on SR 303 on Thursday, Feb. 27.

‘HIVE’ patrol results in more than 80 traffic stops