Grocery Outlet coming to Kingston

Supermarket will open sometime next year

One of the more-popular supermarket chains on the West Coast known for customer value, Grocery Outlet, will be opening in Kingston sometime next year.

The supermarket will take the place of the Food Market at Kingston, which closed last month. Shortly after the closure, an application for a remodel permit was filed for a Grocery Outlet, property owner Rick Bjarnson said.

He said nothing structurally is changing, and the use of the building is not changing. The inside of the store will be remodeled with all new equipment for a more-modern version of a supermarket with more competitive food offerings.

“I think the main thing it will provide that the previous one did not is a program that is built on value,” Bjarnson said. “I think what you’ll find with Grocery Outlet is that they are consistent about value throughout the whole store, not just in a few chosen areas.”

Grocery Outlet was founded in 1946 in San Francisco by James Read. The supermarket is known for offering discounted, overstocked and closeout products from name-brand and private-label suppliers.

“As we go down the road…value will become more important tomorrow than it is today,” Bjarnson said. “In the present situation, Grocery Outlet is in a better position to deliver value at the consumer level. It’s much more focused. It will carve out its own niche.”

The company has over 400 stores nationwide, mainly in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada, but also has locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. There are 71 stores in Washington, including three in Kitsap County in Bremerton, Port Orchard and Silverdale.