He was stealing coloring books, not a video game

A 36-year-old Bremerton man trying to steal three coloring books from a Walmart is now being held in Kitap County Jail on $100,000.

Not for stealing those books. But in the process, he was confronted by a store employee. Court records say he grabbed a 4-foot pipe and raised it over his head. The worker was afraid he was going to be hit in the head with it so he jumped backward.

The suspect said he never threatened the employee with the pipe, and he only grabbed it because the employee had pushed him.

Police were called Nov. 15 at almost 10 p.m. to the store at 6797 Highway 303 in Bremerton.

The employee told them that he asked the suspect to leave and to hand over the video game he was concealing. They were really the coloring books.

The suspect was arrested for first-degree robbery and charged in Superior Court.