Forest Rock Lane pavement preservation project completed

The pavement preservation project on Forest Rock Lane in Poulsbo was completed Aug. 29 and came in nearly $25,000 under budget.

The project began on the 2,400-foot-long stretch of Forest Rock Lane that links up Caldart Avenue and Central Market.

Some of the project funding came from a $525,00 grant from the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) with $150,000 in matching funds. The project was contracted for close to $600,000 but came in at $574,146.

“This has been one of the most successful projects I have ever worked on,” said Andrzej Kasiniak, Poulsbo’s Director of Engineering.

“It came in under budget and was completed quickly and efficiently,” he added.

The project reused existing asphalt as a base for the new road, a new trend in public works and infrastructure projects around the country. This practice reduces material costs and projected completion times by reducing the need for excavation.

The project also added new fog lines to the road, creating an extra safety measure for drivers.