Fall Cleanup program canceled

Poulsbo residents can fill a dumpster instead.

“POULSBO – Poulsbo’s popular Fall Cleanup and Spring Cleanup programs were just too popular. The annual programs were attracting mountains of trash and items that wouldn’t fit in garbage trucks (like a garage door). Even trash from out of town appeared mysteriously on Poulsbo curbsides. The Spring and Fall Cleanup programs got too popular, Bill Duffy Poulsbo Public Works Superintendent explained. It was overwhelming our ability to handle. There was a lot of abuse of the program, too. The program also became very costly because the city had to pay crews to pick up the extra trash, plus there were additional costs for disposal at the landfill. As a result, the City of Poulsbo has eliminated the twice yearly clean-up days and is offering residents something different. Bill Duffy, Poulsbo Public Works Supt. explains that the new program will allow city residents to fill a one square yard dumpster once each year, at any time of the year, not just in the fall or spring. The city will deliver the dumpster to the customer’s residence. The customer gets to use it for two or three days, fill it up with non-recyclable items, and then the city will pick the full dumpster back up-at no charge. In order to schedule a dumpster, the Poulsbo residents need to come to City Hall and fill out a form requesting the dumpster. There are also rules about what can go in the dumpster. Yard waste and recyclable items don’t go in the dumpster, but homeowners have other options for disposing of them. Bainbridge Disposal has a weekly yard waste pickup program. Residents receive 90 gallon containers on wheels. Yard waste including grass clippings, leaves, yard debris and branches smaller than three feet long and two feet thick may be left in the container. The cost for weekly pickup is $9.75 per month. Pick up is on Monday, every other week from Nov. to Feb., when the cost drops to $4.88. For information, call 206-842-4882. North Kitsap Landscaping accepts most types of yard waste. They take brush, stumps, concrete, dirt, mud, all sizes of branches, bushes, grass clippings and weeds. They do not pick up the waste. Their disposal charge is $7 per square yard of waste. They are located on Suquamish Way, just past Totten Rd., Information, call 598-4410. Business hours are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Poulsbo Recyling Center, Viking Way and Highway 305, accepts household batteries, glass, aluminum, tin cans, plastic pop bottles, plastic milk jugs, newspaper, subscription magazines, corrugated cardboard, scrap metal, appliances, car batteries and motor oil. Hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday and Monday. Information, call 360-779-1044. “