Deputies: Shelton man attempted to steal school district vehicle before high speed chase

Suspect allegedly stole a CKSD truck before fleeing deputies

A Central Kitsap School District truck was allegedly stolen early Saturday morning, ensuing in a high speed chase that ended in an arrest for assault in the second degree against two Kitsap County Sheriff’s.

According to a statement of probable cause from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, deputies observed a white 1999 Dodge Ram truck with its headlights on in the parking lot of Silverdale Elementary School. As soon as one of the deputies entered his patrol vehicle to make contact, the truck started and immediately sped out of the parking space before driving through a large metal fence.

The truck continued towards the two deputies before swerving away at the last moment, documents read. The deputies then began to chase the fleeing vehicle in their patrol cars along Dickey Road NW. According to deputies, the truck was swerving back and forth across the lane throughout the chase.

The pursuit continued onto NW Eldorado Blvd. and deputies reportedly witnessed the driver partially hanging out of the window with various items flying out. As the truck approached a tight corner, it drove directly into a small green sedan that was parked on the corner. As soon as the truck struck the car, one of the deputies performed a pinning maneuver by pushing their push bars directly against the back of the truck, trapping the truck between the patrol car and the sedan in front of it, per the incident report.

The driver then allegedly attempted to put the truck in reverse, immediately causing the tires to squeal and causing the air to be filled with white smoke. Given that the driver didn’t follow orders to take his foot off the gas, one of the deputies used their flashlight to break the passenger side window and unlocked the door before both deputies were able to detain him on the ground next to the truck, according to KCSO.

The driver was identified as 42-year-old Shelton resident, Paul Piper. Piper told deputies that the Mexican Cartel was going to kill his family because he’d been arrested. He also stated that his girlfriend had recently been arrested and he was attempting to pay off a drug debt. According to deputies, Piper stated he had smoked approximately half a gram of methamphetamine prior to the arrest.

Deputies searched Piper and reportedly recovered numerous sets of keys, including shaved keys, and an electronic device that appeared to be an altered Taser. Paul was transported to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton where he was medically cleared prior to being transported to the Kitsap County Jail. He is currently being held on $250,000 bail.