Carbon Mexican Steakhouse opens new location in Kingston

A new Mexican steakhouse opened Jan. 6 in Kingston adjacent to the Firehouse Theater.

This is the fourth Carbon Mexican Steakhouse in Kitsap County, with other locations in Port Orchard, Manchester and at the Kitsap Mall in Silverdale. They are all owned and operated by Alfonso Ramos.

“I think the Kingston location has a lot of potential to make good business. I don’t get scared by the competition because I know I have good, quality food. I want to be part of the community, that’s my goal,” he said, adding he doesn’t want to be the kind of owner who customers never see. “I wait tables, I bartend, I wash dishes, I do everything. I know what that’s like.”

Ramos said the first few days of business “was packed and everyone made me feel welcome. I really appreciate that.”

He said the menu is different from most Mexican restaurants in the area as it’s healthier. The restaurant includes a full bar.

“Everything is cooked in the charbroiler, nothing is deep-fried,” he said. “Everything is made when the people order. The presentation is really nice. It’s more like the way you eat in Mexico.”

Ramos moved from California to Washington about 28 years ago and has worked in the food industry along the way, eventually deciding to operate his own restaurants in places like Tacoma and Belfair. The first Carbon location opened in Port Orchard five years ago, and the other three locations have all set up shop within the last year.

Ramos said the PO location will be closing toward the end of the year since there is already one close by in Manchester, plus he’s looking to convert his Belfair restaurant into another Carbon location.

The Kingston location is still looking to hire more employees, with Ramos adding that when he eventually decides to sell the business he’d rather sell it to his employees than an outside party.

“If you’re working hard and you like this kind of business, I may give you the opportunity to be part of this business,” he said.

As for the future, Ramos said he may open for breakfast on the weekends, and he would love to do some business partnerships with the next-door Firehouse Theater.

The restaurant’s logo.

The restaurant’s logo.