Army vet recovering after Amazon vehicle theft

Stolen packages were put in stolen U-Haul

Law enforcement in Kitsap County is investigating the theft of an Amazon delivery van that left its driver injured in Port Orchard Nov. 21.

The van was in possession of a 66-year-old retired Army veteran who works part time for Amazon. While delivering a package to the porch of a home on Salmonberry Road, he said he heard someone enter the vehicle and begin driving off.

The employee attempted to thwart the thief’s plan, managing to reach the vehicle and enter the side entrance before the criminal hit the gas, sending him out of the van and onto the pavement.

The driver suffered bruising on the right side of his body, but said he’s OK and plans to return to work soon.

The van was driven to a vacant lot nearby, where a witness told police packages from the van were moved into a U-Haul by a man and a woman.

Police later found the abandoned U-Haul, which was stolen earlier that day.

Detectives from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office are working with Amazon to obtain video footage from the van that could help identify the suspects. Police said it was an organized crime, and several people are likely involved.