Storm looms large at Bremerton concert

Storm Large didn’t say whether she’d be playing any drums when she and her band come to the Admiral Theatre Dec. 2 to perform her “Storm Large’s Holiday Ordeal” concert.

But her low opinion of her percussive abilities hasn’t stopped her from getting behind the kit in previous concerts.

“I’m not any good, but I just love it so hard,” the singer, songwriter, author, playwright and actress said. “Drums have become my favorite musical instrument to suck at. It’s a true release.”

She was taking time away from some East Coast R&R after she attended a recent New York screening of “Mad/Woman,” a short film in which she stars and for which her songs are credited as inspiration.

Large is perhaps best known as one of the frontwomen for Portland-based Pink Martini, a band she joined in 2011 as a temporary replacement for China Forbes, and continues to perform with “whenever I’m available.” Some audiences get Large, some get Forbes, and the really lucky ones get both.

She also fronts her own band, and does many other projects, such as writing a musical and a book, acting, and developing the “Holiday Ordeal” cabaret show.

“I didn’t have a great family life, but I had moments early enough in my childhood with Christmas magic that I associated with home and family,” she said of the inspiration for the show, which includes original and traditional holiday songs and other entries from her songbook that she called “holiday-centric.”

“To me, it’s a time for the suspension of all negative things. I hung onto it.”

The show is never exactly the same from night to night, given Large’s penchant for improvisation.

“There’s a joke in the band,” she said. “Don’t ever say anything you don’t want Storm to repeat.”

She’s excelled, impressed and endeared in everything she’s done, but still labels herself as “the biggest star you’ve never heard of.”

For those who are unfamiliar with her, she said, “Be ready to be seen. I’m going to see you. I’m not an artist that’s ‘look at me.’ I’m an artist to be with you.”

Admiral Theatre is located at 515 Pacific Ave. in Bremerton. Tickets are $24 to $69 for the 7:30 p.m. show. Go to for more.

Michael C. Moore is the Arts and Entertainment reporter for The Admiral Theatre Foundation.