99 new COVID cases in Kitsap since Thursday

37 cases were in North Kitsap

On Monday, the Kitsap Public Health District confirmed 99 new positive cases of COVID-19 since Thursday, bringing the countywide total to 9,219 since the pandemic began in March of 2020.

Of the new cases, 37 were in North Kitsap and seven on Bainbridge Island.

The health district recently announced they will only be updating COVID figures twice a week now — Mondays and Thursdays.

“We are making this change because COVID-19 activity has declined in our region, and we want to shift resources to support other important public health initiatives,” the health district states. “If COVID-19 activity ramps up in our county, we will increase the frequency of our surveillance report updates.”

A total of 87 cases were considered in “isolation” by the health district, meaning they are “confirmed or probable COVID-19 cases who are in their recommended isolation period” (10 days after first symptoms.) 96 “total close contacts in quarantine” were also confirmed in Kitsap, meaning they are “residents who were determined to be close contacts of confirmed cases and are in their recommended quarantine period” (14 days after last contact with case).

Over the past week, the county’s positive case rate per 100,000 residents is 47, which is above the “high level” of coronavirus activity — per state guidelines that means any rate 37.5 and above.

To date, the number of Kitsap County residents 12 and older who have initiated vaccination is 64.7%, and the rate of positive tests over the last seven days is 6.4%.

Of the 9,219 total cases, 329 have been reported on Bainbridge Island, 2,481 in Bremerton, 2,102 in Central Kitsap, 1,395 in North Kitsap and 2,912 in South Kitsap.

There have been 123 COVID-related deaths since the pandemic began and 76 since the new year. Of the deaths, 56 were ages 80 and over, 30 ages 70-79, 22 ages 60-69, 10 ages 50-59, three ages 40-49, and two ages 30-39.