‘Active shooter’ reported near Bainbridge ferry terminal

Police from agencies across Kitsap County swarmed to the shoreline along Eagle Harbor after a person aboard a boat in the harbor just south of downtown Winslow began firing at the shoreline Saturday night.

Bainbridge Island officials issued a warning late Saturday to residents of an “active shooter” in the Eagle Harbor area.

City spokeswoman Kellie Stickney told the Bainbridge Review that gunfire was being directed at the shoreline.

Details were initially sparse, but officials sent out a warning of an “active shooter” in the area just after 9:30 p.m. July 8.

“There is an individual on a boat in Eagle Harbor who is actively shooting at the shoreline and at law enforcement officers,” Stickney said.

The gunfire shut down ferry service between Bainbridge Island and Seattle.

Washington State Ferries halted service on the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry route just before 10 p.m.

Bainbridge Police Chief Matthew Hamner said the shooter was apparently on a vessel near the WSF shipyard, which sits just west of the Bainbridge ferry terminal.

Roughly about a dozen people who were on the city dock on Eagle Harbor were evacuated by emergency workers after the shooting began.

Just after 10:30 p.m., Bainbridge officials asked residents who live along the shoreline of Eagle Harbor to “shelter in place and avoid windows.”

The shooting was reportedly random, according to those who had heard the sporadic gunfire.

On several social media websites, some islanders reported they had heard gunshots coming from the Eagle Harbor area.

One islander, on the Bainbridge Island Fire Department’s Facebook page, posted this: “We see everything and no police or Sheriff yet. He keeps loading and shooting. This has been going on for an hour. Where is the response.”

The post was made just before 10 p.m.

Said another poster, on Facebook: “Im on my boat at Eagle Harbor Marina and just heard 6 shots and a “[expletive] you cops “

Some on social media said they initially thought the noise was fireworks.

Wrote one boater: “We docked our boat just before this started — went right past him. YIKES.”

Multiple law enforcement agencies have been called in to assist the Bainbridge Island Police Department. An intermittent stream of sirens could be heard heading south on Highway 305 after 9:30 p.m.