48-year-old Bremerton man arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

A 48-year-old Bremerton man, Troy I. Frye, was arrested Thursday night for assault with a deadly weapon in the third degree.

At approximately 7 p.m., multiple witnesses allegedly called 911 reporting threats with a knife in the area of Barnett Street and Olympus Drive in Bremerton, stating that people were fighting and that one male ran up the street saying “I have my knife out and I’m going to stab you.” 911 responders advised that a silver Mazda passenger vehicle was involved.

Upon arrival at the scene, deputies saw several witnesses, one of which claimed that the incident was a domestic dispute involving Frye and his current girlfriend’s ex-husband. Based on witness, suspect and victim statements, it was determined that Frye was angered when his girlfriend told him that her ex-husband was parked outside her residence, prompting Frye to run up the street with a knife toward his car, according to the incident report.

As Frye approached the vehicle, it began driving away before it nosed into a neighbor’s driveway. Frye ran over to the vehicle and “flailed” with an open box cutter in his hands around the driver’s neck, telling him to leave and not come back. The car then began to accelerate in reverse, knocking two other witnesses to the ground. One witness sustained a severe foot sprain and bruising, causing her to wear a medical boot, the incident report says.

Law enforcement obtained the box cutter, which Frye denied ever having it out during the confrontation. Frye claimed it was a verbal altercation until the car knocked down the two witnesses. Frye was transported to Kitsap County Jail, where he was booked for third-degree assault.