Moonlight Manifestation Reviews – What to Know Before Buy!

Many people desire to turn their dreams into reality, but it doesn’t always happen. The big question for everyone is, how can one unlock fast and effortless wealth attraction? This is where the Moonlight Manifestation program comes into play.

Developed by Alexander Wilson, a manifestation coach with more than 108,231 clients across the globe, the Moonlight Manifestation program claims to help people tap positive energy each night as they sleep. Alexander asserts that users can get whatever they desire by just tapping the positive energy from the universe.

This Moonlight Manifestation review explains everything users need to know about the program.

What is Moonlight Manifestation Program?

Moonlight Manifestation is a digital guide that is designed to help people develop and tap the power of positive thinking. According to many experts, people can achieve the desires of their minds by utilizing the energy from the universe. The Moonlight Manifestation program serves as a mirror that allows users to look into themselves and others to discover whether they are what they believe.

With this program, users can attract all the positive things that their hearts desire at 2 am. According to the creator, the part of the brain known as the thalamus is active at this time. At that point, users can manifest and attract their dream homes, cars, careers, family, and finances among others.

How Does the Moonlight Manifestation Program Work?

To benefit from the Moonlight Manifestation program, users have to follow a three-second ritual every night before they go to sleep. The creator refers to this ritual as Dream Yoga.

The concept is drawn from the ancient Himalayan dream yogis who used it to attract abundance in their lives. Every night before going to bed, users have to write down one negative blockage they wish to overcome. It could be in the line of relationship, health issues, or finances.

Wilson believes writing is a clear way of communicating that sends commands to the writer’s subconscious. After writing down the blockage, the user sets a powerful intention to eliminate the blockage at night during sleep. During sleep, the mind clears all the negative patterns of life. This happens when the brain organ thalamus is turned on at 2 am. Alexander Wilson calls this period “The 2 AM Moonlight Manifestation Window.”

The creator explains that in the first 15 minutes after going to sleep, the brain changes from alertness to sleep. Shortly afterwards, the heart rate increases while the body temperature drops. What follows is the relaxation of all muscles and decreased breathing rate.

Throughout the stages of sleep, the brain enters the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle for about ten seconds. However, at 2 A.M., the REM cycle takes a whole hour. During the sixty minutes, the thalamus part of the brain switches on, filling the brain with sound calming chemicals. Deep sleep sets in as all outside noise is blocked.

At this point, according to Wilson, the heart rate, brainwaves, and blood flow shift to a “waking state” where smells, feelings, visuals, and even sounds are manifested as dreams.

How to Harness the Power of the Moonlight Window

The creator provides users with a three-second ritual that they can use to tap the power of the Moonlight Window. According to Wilson, this is possible using the Vibrational Sound Layering concept. The concept consists of 32 layers of sound frequency, and each sound performs a specific task.

Even so, only the first three layers are crucial in activating the power of manifestation.

Deep Sleep Layer

This layer releases the Moonlight Manifestation Window. It gives users the best night after listening to its frequencies.

The Storybook-Scripting Layer

In this layer, Wilson says users can tap hypnosis to make their desires reach the subconscious brain. This particular sound eliminates all negative blockages, as new positive beliefs take over the brain.

The Manifestation Acceleration Layer

This sound strengthens positive thinking into the subconscious mind while signaling the universe. Consequently, the user can pull all his/her desires towards them.

The Moonlight Manifestation Package

For only $37, users can access the Moonlight Manifestation program, which is available in audio form plus all the bonuses. Users can download the entire program immediately after purchase. This one-time purchase gives users three unique, professionally designed sounds featuring 20 vibrational layering frequencies. They can use these to get transformed in one night.

Who Can Use the Moonlight Manifestation Program?

According to the creator, the Moonlight Manifestation Program is ideal for the following categories of users:

Those on the brink of giving up in life because they feel they have no purpose in life

  • People in need of financial or relationship breakthrough
  • People in need of clearing negative energies in their lives
  • People in need of a new awakening

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How Long Does it Take to Deliver the Results?

According to the creator, users can get transformed in just one night. As they sleep, the Moonlight Manifestation program allows users to shift to what Wilson calls the ‘ego mind’ at 2 A.M. The system allows them to clear all the blockages and enables them to focus on positive vibes.

The program is unique in the sense that it allows users to open their subconscious minds in just one night. This is different from other manifestation programs that require users to meditate or perform yoga for manifestation.

Consequently, users don’t need to take sacred herbs to switch on the thalamus region of the brain. Instead, the Moonlight Manifestation program involves just the soothing sounds that allow users to drift into the subconscious and draw positive energies from the universe.


  • Anyone can use the Moonlight Manifestation program
  • No need for meditation or yoga
  • It has short, high-quality audio sounds that don’t cause boredom
  • The program is downloadable and users can listen to them wherever and whenever they want
  • It has a satisfaction guarantee and a 60-day moneyback guarantee

Where to Get the Moonlight Manifestation Program

The Moonlight Manifestation Program by Alexander Wilson is available online through the product’s official website. After paying the one-time price, the creator confirms receipt of the payment, and the user gets immediate access to the entire program.

Final Word

According to the creator, it’s never too late to manifest the power of positive thinking in one’s life. The Moonlight Manifestation program allows users to attract positive vibes and get their hearts’ desires faster. The developer emphasizes that the program allows users to focus more on the solutions instead of concentrating on the problems.