Best Psychic Readings Review – Compare the Top-Rated Websites

Having some clarity about your personal and professional life can be profound. And an excellent way to gain this is via Psychic readings. But a question begs. Are online psychic readings reliable?

How would you know the websites to trust?

This article will look at several of the best psychic reading websites for email, chat, and phone readings. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

The Best Psychic Platforms of 2022

  • Oranum: For profound video psychic readings
  • Kasamba: The best website for online psychic readings.
  • Keen: Known for Accurate spiritual readings
  • AskNow: Provides convenient phone readings
  • Psychic Source: Best known for psychic love readings
  • California Psychics: Has a team of experienced Tarot card readers
  • LifeReader: Best for astrology readings
  • Psychic Oz: The most affordable psychic readings



Oranum is most renowned for profound readings via live video chats. Not just that. Users may even enjoy free psychic readings. Just join a psychic’s live session, and you may ask your questions in the comment section. Book a private reading session if you relish your experience with the psychic.

Although phone readings are unavailable on Oranum, you may keep your identity hidden by turning off your camera while on the live session.

Furthermore, new users are rewarded with 10,000 credits. The 10,000 credits allow you to enjoy free readings for 10 minutes.

High Points

  • Enjoy a 10-minute free trial period
  • Readings in real-time through chat
  • There are pet psychics accessible.

Low Points

  • There are no phone readings.
  • There are no user reviews.



For more than 20 years, the psychic counselors with Kasamba have provided very insightful readings. The site’s psychic team has been on the rise for some time. The website allows you to choose from a list of hundreds of psychics with whom you can chat or have a phone reading.

The great thing about signing up is that everyone gets free for the first three minutes of reading!

You will be warned that your minutes are about to run out, and then a message will appear inquiring if you want to continue reading by purchasing more time.

On the website, you can see the fields a particular psychic specializes in, for example, crystals, tarot, cartomancy, and more. Furthermore, many psychics further offer personal information, and you get access to other client reviews.

In summary, although experienced psychics are usually expensive, their positive user reviews and superior ratings make up for it.

High Points

  • You get three free minutes.
  • Guarantee of total satisfaction
  • The number of readings is enormous

Low Points

  • Best psychics are costly
  • It doesn’t provide filtering tools



This platform is among the best psychic chat-based reading platforms. One of the enabling reasons for this is the platform’s mobile-based technology. The platform allows connection with psychics whenever the user needs to connect. Keen offers additional readings like dream interpretations, numerology, and angel card readings.

Keen’s search filter is mighty, making it simple to discover a psychic with the type of experience you’re looking for. The platform’s user experience is also great, allowing you to navigate its clear-cut layout seamlessly.

One problem with this platform is that it does not provide the ability for live video sessions. However, you can still enjoy free three minutes of online chatting or phone reading. With this, you get a feel of the platform.

High Points

  • You enjoy the first three minutes for free.
  • Provides wonderful filtering utilities
  • A hassle-free app

Low Points

  • No live video chat capabilities
  • Somewhat on the expensive side



When it comes to pricing, look no further. AskNow is best known for its low prices and many psychics available to attend to you. Moreover, registered users can opt for even more accurate and relevant readings, such as numerology, past lives, love, relationships, and dream interpretation.

If you’d like, you can peruse several exciting and helpful articles on the site or look up your daily horoscope.

The best value at the moment is the 30-minute package. The package costs $30. You may also choose to opt for the 20-minute package for $20. These options allow you to experiment with an AskNow and its advisor. You are starting with a low-cost subscription and getting incredible value. To learn further about a psychic, check out the psychic’s profile. You will also find out what other people have to say about them.

Although the AskNow platform does not have a functional filtering tool, it is possible to find the top psychics on its homepage.

High Points

  • New users enjoy discounted deals.
  • Provides Spanish options
  • Profiles of psychics are beneficial.

Low Points

  • There are no filtering tools available.
  • Card details are required to access the trial.

Psychic Source


Primarily known for its top-notch team of psychics and fantastic customer service, Psychic Source has been around for over 30 years, giving valuable readings to customers.

New users get to enjoy a three-minute trial. The platform offers inexpensive packages starting from $1 per minute. Even if pairing seems to be a hassle, having in mind a specific reading is most helpful.

The platform offers tarot and astrology readings accessible via email, video, or phone. Psychic Source is fantastic because they give a 100 percent money-back guarantee regardless of your experience.

High Points

  • Live, phone, or instant messaging reading options are available.
  • New users enjoy three free minutes
  • Provide Spanish options

Low Points

  • Employs a highly complex matching approach
  • The prevalent muddling of communication grids

California Psychics


Since 1995, the California Psychics has provided numerous clients informative psychic readings.

The platform allows you to enter its Karma Reward Program. The program will enable you to collect points for every one of your purchases or readings to be used for various additional benefits.

The platform makes connecting easy with its mobile-friendly app, allowing you to engage with its psychics anywhere and anytime. In addition, you get to choose from different psychic readings, ranging from career to love to relationships via various psychic mediums.

The highly experienced psychics with many good reviews make up for the limited number of psychics on the platform.

High Points

  • Provides an app platform that is user friendly
  • Beginner package starting at $1 per minute
  • Users enjoy a Karma Reward Program

Low Points

  • It is expensive to engage their experienced psychics.
  • There aren’t many psychics to choose from.



Using LifeReader for the first time allows you to enjoy four free minutes of reading. In addition, you get your first paid reading for only 50% of the original price. Astrological lovers will enjoy the detailed information about their star sign and the excellent astrology readings on LifeReader.

You can rest assured that you are getting a genuine reading since the psychics on the platform have been appraised.

High Points

  • Psychics are always appraised
  • You have three reading options: email, phone, and chat.
  • It has a fantastic blog
  • It gives you 4 minutes for free

Low Points

  • Your satisfaction is not guaranteed.
  • It is expensive.

Psychic Oz


Users may explore the top psychic readers on Psychic Oz. Get help on your relationships, job, money, and other things. You may find your psychic quickly using the site’s excellent filtering functionality. This feature allows you to search for psychics specializing in certain areas.

You may discover helpful information like the depth of the psychic’s expertise, areas of specialization, and user reviews on their profiles.

The only drawback is that Psychic Oz does not assure a satisfaction guarantee. However, the site has outstanding prior user ratings. The platform also has a credible list of prominent psychics on the homepage.

High Points

  • A fantastic filtering functionality.
  • A customer’s loved section
  • Enjoy the first three minutes for free

Low Points

  • Satisfaction is not guaranteed.
  • There are no multilingual alternatives.

Why A Free Online Psychic Reading May Be Better Than In-person

Online reading is preferable to in-person because of a few factors. They encompass:


One thing to consider is that sometimes you will not know precisely how much a reading session will cost you, mainly if it is a face-to-face reading. The vast majority of internet psychics disclose their prices on their profiles. Knowing prices beforehand allows you to evaluate whether a particular reader or a website that offers psychic readings is within your budget.


You may be apprehensive about seeing a psychic in person, particularly if you have no prior experience. In such a situation, remaining cozy in your home and relishing the comfort of your environment makes the adventure less challenging.


It might be challenging to see a psychic since everyone has a packed lifestyle. Online chats and phone readings are faster and maybe better convenient when compared to traveling to a psychic’s place. Neither option takes as long as accurate face-to-face contact.

User Ratings

It’s simpler to discover more customer ratings and reviews by using internet sites these days. Additionally, platforms like Keen and Kasamba allow customers to rate psychics before purchasing their services. Each psychic’s profile has past user evaluations.

Types of Psychics Available Today

There are several types of psychics available today, and each of them is unique. You will discover numerous psychics with specialized psychics who can do readings in several fields.

When searching, you may find the following:

  • Tarot Card Reading Psychics: These psychics use tarot card decks to do readings. The cards include ancient pictures and symbols that the reader uses their instincts and skills to decipher.
  • Love and Relationship Psychics: Many online psychic reading services offer love and relationship readings. These readings can help you find solutions you need in your search for your soulmate or solve other love problems.
  • Pet Psychic: Many pet owners seek loving words about their deceased pets. This has caused an increase in the need for pet psychics.
  • Psychic Medium: These psychics can communicate with the deceased. They can help people find peace and closure after the death of a loved one.

What Are the Best Platforms to Get Free Psychic Readings?

You may always obtain a free reading by requesting one from a psychic.

In addition, you may get a free tarot card reading just by picking tarot cards from virtual decks given to you. This works if you’re interested in finding an answer to a particular issue and strongly feel about it. Free psychic reading sessions are also provided by platforms such as Kasamba. Such platforms offer free reading minutes. Moving forward, this is a great approach to determine whether what you’d like to follow is something you can accomplish.

Tips To Find the Best Psychic Platforms

Due to the proliferation of numerous websites and applications, it may be tough to locate the finest online psychics.

It is often better to read other users’ reviews on the site before making a purchasing decision. There are already quite a few online evaluations for websites like AskNow, Kasamba, and Keen.

The last element is that the website you’re interested in should offer the kind of reading you want. For instance, Oranum provides unparalleled face-to-face readings to customers, while Keen is famous for having the finest chat psychics.

Main Factors to Influence the Success of a Psychic Session

The best online psychic reading should provide answers to your queries and a more profound knowledge of your problem. A variety of factors dramatically influences the success of a psychic session.

Take full advantage of your psychic reading, and consider adopting these strategies:

Make Your Questions Open-Ended

However talented psychics may be, they cannot see it all. To get to a better understanding, try making your questions open-ended. For instance, try asking, ‘will I get my big break soon?’ rather than ‘when will I get my big break?’ Open-ended questions allow a reader to offer profound readings.

Relax and Be Yourself

It is pretty natural to be anxious during a session with a psychic. But to make the most out of your session, try to remain calm. If you’re hesitant, you may not get to ask some of the questions you want to.

Plan Your Questions Beforehand

Having your questions prepared in advance allows you to lay out a specific course of action that you want to take. As a result, you’ll get the information you seek and maximize your session experience.

Types of Questions to Ask During Reading Sessions

Many questions revolve around work, income, love, future endeavors, and health issues.

Remember that psychic readings are a secure environment wherein you can inquire about everything bothering you. Avoid limiting yourself.

The Best Psychic Platforms of 2022 Conclusion

A fantastic method to get answers to your concerns without being looked down upon is to go for a psychic reading online.

When deciding to use a reliable platform for finding a psychic, you do it because you believe in their integrity. Today’s featured psychics have several different reading options to choose from. You’ll also get to try it for free for a limited time on many sites.