S’Klallam’s Warrior Ridge housing project to add 30 more units

As Phase 1 of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe Housing Authority’s Warrior Ridge project nears completion in October, work on Phase 2 will commence around the same time that would add 30 more units for low-income tribal members.

Phase 2 is projected to cost approximately $11.5 million.

The affordable housing project is located on Little Boston Road across from the Gliding Eagle Marketplace. The 30 units in Phase 1 will be substantially complete with residents expected to move in by end of October through mid-November, said Kara Horton-Wright said, executive director of the tribe’s Housing Authority. 23 of the units are one-bedroom, seven are two-bedroom and one is for maintenance staff.

Warrior Ridge is a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit project, therefore the units will serve very low and low-income tribal members who have to qualify to be approved for occupancy, Horton-Wright said. Additionally, 15 units are set aside for people who are homeless at entry.

In Phase 2, there will be eight units each for one-bedroom and three-bedroom, and 15 for two-bedroom. This phase will also serve very low and low-income tribal members. Infrastructure work for Phase 2 will be conducted by Clark Construction of Bainbridge Island and is set to begin in October.

“The units will be in five two-story apartments, though it will look like ten buildings, but the buildings will be connected so, it’s really five buildings, with six units in each apartment,” Horton-Wright said about Phase 2.

While the housing project initially had several phases planned, Horton-Wright said the Housing Authority is pausing its planning for future phases so it can meet with tribal government to update feasibility studies and reevaluate the Master Plan to ensure it is planning for the right type of housing for tribal members.

The Warrior Ridge project has the following funding sources: Indian Community Development Block Grant for Infrastructure; PGST Housing Authority matching funds from its annual Indian Housing Block Grant; Indian Housing Block Grant Competitive Grant; and Raymond James Affordable Housing Investments.