Fetch Pet Reviews – Will It Work For You?

It’s common for pet parents to remain worried about the health of their pets all the time. Having a pet is not much different from having a baby at your home. Also, pet owners need to remain concerned about the well-being of their pets as pets are prone to becoming sick easily.

No matter whether you have a dog or a cat, having a pet insurance policy will turn out to be handy during crises. A pet insurance policy not only saves upfront expenditures during your pet’s illnesses but also lets you be free of constant worries.

Now, which company should you get pet insurance from? At present, hundreds of pet insurance companies are operational and all of them claim to offer the best services. Some companies tend to charge heavy amounts as insurance premium fees while other pet insurance companies lack the convenience during claim settlements.

Fetch By the Dodo Pet Insurance is a product from the Fetch insurance services that is designed exclusively for pet owners who are stressed about the medical expenses of their pets.

Fetch pet insurance is one of the most popular pet insurance policies that are purchased by a large percentage of pet owners in the US. Fetch By the Dodo is a famous pet insurance company that has an impressive number of happy customers. The Fetch pet insurance reviews posted by satisfied pet owners on the official website will tell you how beneficial the policy is.

While other pet insurance providers fail to match the expectations of pet owners, Fetch does that effortlessly. However, it’s crucial for every pet owner to seek valid information related to a particular pet insurance plan before purchasing that one. You surely have some queries related to the pet insurance coverage Fetch offers and other factors.

In this Dodo pet insurance review, we will inform you about all the facts related to the insurance company and its features and services.

What Is Fetch?


Fetch is one of the most reputed pet insurance providers that offer premium insurance coverage limits for pets like dogs and cats. The insurance company is known for its wide range of facilities and you can purchase a customized and affordable insurance plan for your pet based on your pet’s medical records.

Being one of the top pet insurance companies out there, Fetch doesn’t make users go through prolonged waiting periods, and the accident and illness policies offered by the company are genuinely beneficial for keeping your pet safe and protected.

The insurance policies sold by Fetch also cover pre-existing conditions and the company also allows its users to submit claims related to lost or stolen pets.

Fetch covers alternative therapies, routine care treatments, physical therapy sessions, and preventative care facilities in its insurance plans and that makes it one of the most popular pet insurance companies. The annual coverage limit for your pet’s care will depend on the sum you pay and the pre-existing conditions your pet has.

Fetch by the Dodo also comes with a high reimbursement percentage and the monthly premium structures of the company are usually quoted considering the aforementioned factors. However, be assured of the fact that the annual limit offered by Fetch will be higher than the annual limits offered by other insurance companies for sure.

Be it physical vet visit sessions or virtual vet visits, your customized Fetch pet plan will cover it all and you also stand a chance to get a lump sum amount against your lost pet.

As the Dodo insurance comes with affordable monthly premiums, individuals of all financial standards can purchase insurance plans for their pets without worrying about their pockets.

Fetch offers accident-only plans, unlimited coverage plans, and wellness coverage plans for older pets alongside a standardized formerly petplan. Due to all these comprehensive coverage facilities and holistic care options, Fetch by the Dodo is also rated highly by the Better Business Bureau. Also, Fetch enables insurance buyers to avail themselves of exciting reward fees.

Most importantly, the terms and conditions enforced by Fetch by the Dodo are underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company and AXIS Insurance Company.

The Pet Insurance Services Offered by Fetch by the Dodo

Fetch by the Dodo is undoubtedly one of the best pet insurance companies that are operating at the moment. The Fetch pet insurance combines a wide variety of insurance services.

However, the dog insurance policies and the cat insurance policies offered by the company are the most popular options. Let’s check out the insurance coverages offered by Fetch by the Dodo in detail.

Fetch By the Dodo Dog Insurance

As per the information obtained from the pet insurance reviews of Fetch by the Dodo, the dog insurance policy is one of the most-sold policies of the company. From hereditary issues to other medical conditions of dogs, all types of issues related to dogs get covered by the dog insurance policy marketed by Dodo pet insurance.

The waiting period for every user depends on the condition of his pet dog. Your insurance claim will be paid via direct deposit. Before purchasing dog insurance from Fetch pet insurance, users usually have to take their dogs to licensed medical services pets for checkups.

If your dog has a pre-existing condition, your insurance premiums will be higher and you will be able to avail yourself of healthy pet credit facilities if your dog is completely healthy and free from pre-existing conditions. The annual limit of the pet insurance you’re buying can be selected by you as well.

All the vet bills of your dog will be covered in the annual coverage of your insurance policy. Complimentary routine care facilities are also offered by the company to support the users in the best possible ways.

Fetch By The Dodo Cat Insurance

Just like dog insurance, Fetch pet insurance also comes with exclusive cat insurance policies. The cat insurance policy sold by the company is not much different from the dog insurance.

Getting an insurance policy for your cat with a minimum waiting period is definitely hard but that’s possible with Fetch. Moreover, the company covers boarding fees, physical exam fees, and all other upfront expenses in the policy coverage, which is a great beneficial side for users.

Preventative care services are also included in the cat insurance policy of Fetch. You can get customized and worthwhile insurance for your cat at an affordable monthly cost and that will rule out your worries about the health of your cat.


What Are the Advantages of Preferring Fetch Over Insurance Policies?

Of course, there are some unique beneficial aspects that make Fetch better than other insurance companies. Before you purchase a policy from Fetch, it’s important to know the beneficial sides in detail. Here they are-


Fetch enables every user to get an estimated quote of insurance premiums so that he can prepare for buying insurance. The company utilizes advanced technology to determine the probable healthcare expenses of one’s pet based on the pet’s breed, pre-existing conditions, and other details submitted by the pet owner.

Based on the estimated healthcare expenses determined by the advanced technology of Fetch, the insurance premiums are set. Also, the owner of the pet gets a detailed quote that helps him avoid confusion and miscommunications.

No Extra Charges

Whatever price quote you’ve received from Fetch prior to purchasing insurance from the company, you have to pay that only. The company doesn’t charge anything else. Most insurance companies charge processing fees, disbursal fees and other amounts as additional charges and all these charges combinedly become heavy on an individual’s pocket.

Fetch doesn’t do that and the company offers you a detailed and prompt quote to help you in the best manner.

Coverage For Breed-Specific Problems

Most insurance policies don’t pay for breed-specific problems and pet owners get into trouble due to that. However, that’s not the scenario with Fetch. The company commits users to pay for breed-specific issues as well and that makes it a better option than most other insurances out there.

Affordable Rates

The affordability of the insurance policies marketed by Fetch by the Dodo is the reason why the company has a wide customer base in the US and even outside the US. The monthly cost for dog insurance is around $35 while the price goes down to $25 for a cat.

The price point is definitely pretty considerate. In addition to that, the company has also introduced multi-pet discount offers to help individuals who have multiple pets.

Pet-Parenting Advice

Pet-parenting is not as easy as it sounds and pet parents seek advice from experts to take care of their pets in better ways. Fetch incorporates a platform called The Dig where users can access important pet-parenting advice from vets and pet experts. This facility is only available with Fetch by the Dodo and this is definitely a differentiating factor.

Moderate Waiting Periods

You won’t need to go through a prolonged waiting period when you’re purchasing a plan from Fetch by the Dodo. The efficient team of the company is pretty good at determining a justified waiting period for your pet’s insurance based on your pet’s health condition.

These are the perks of purchasing insurance from Fetch by the Dodo. The company is growing very fast and these strong reasons are the factors behind its rapid and unstoppable growth.

What Does The Comprehensive Pet Coverage of Fetch Include?

Fetch’s comprehensive pet coverage includes a plethora of advantages that can boost your confidence while dealing with your pet’s health concerns. Let’s check out the expenses that are covered by the comprehensive pet coverage.


All types of injuries and fractures are covered by comprehensive coverage. From cuts to fractures, Fetch will pay back the costs of healing all these injuries promptly.

Ailments and Infections

Treatments of different types of ailments and infections are covered in the standard policy of Fetch. Vomiting, urinary tract infections, hip dysplasia, and other basic ailments are primarily covered under the policy.

Apart from that, issues related to the heart of your pet are also included in the policy. On top of that, the costs of cancer treatments are also reimbursed by the company if the treatment procedure starts after the completion of your waiting period.

Issues Related To Teeth and Gums

Pets recurrently suffer from problems related to their teeth and gums and the treatment procedures for these issues are also included in the standard policy of Fetch. Periodontal disease and oral tumors are also included in the coverage.

Sick Visit Exam Fees

The fees associated with physical exams during sick visits are also included in the policy coverage and the coverage amount is $50-$250 for every sick visit.

Diagnostic Tests

The costs of diagnostic tests are also included in the policy coverage and you can claim reimbursements by providing the company with the bills.

Alternative Care

The upfront charges of alternative care treatments like aromatherapy, and chiropractic treatments are also included in the policy coverage.


In case your pet needs hospitalization, you can get the hospitalization fees reimbursed completely by submitting the hospital bills to the Fetch authority.

Virtual Vet Visits

The upfront costs of virtual vet visits are also covered by Fetch and this facility was emphasized more after the outbreak of covid.

Physical Therapy

At times, pets need physical therapies to get rid of muscular atrophy or other problems related to muscles and joints. Most insurance policies don’t cover the charges for these sessions but Fetch does. That’s another important point to selecting Fetch.

Behavioral Therapy

Pet dogs mostly need behavioral therapy sessions to accommodate themselves in their owners’ houses. Cats sometimes need these sessions too. The costs of behavioral therapy sessions are also included in the Fetch coverage.

Supplements and Meds

The overall costs of supplements and certain medicines are conditionally reimbursed by Fetch, which is a great benefit for every pet parent indeed.

Final Words

In this Dodo pet insurance review, you have come to know about the services of Fetch by the Dodo. Considering Fetch one of the most helpful pet insurance companies won’t be an exaggerated claim for sure. Just look at the variety of facilities and services offered by the special company and you will understand why we rank Fetch by the Dodo highly.

Minimum waiting periods, the inclusion of boarding fees and exam fees in insurance coverages, direct deposit facilities, healthy pet credit points, and several other exciting factors are the highlights of the insurance company. We have already elaborated on the premium services of the company in this Fetch pet insurance review.

While other insurance companies come up with a minimum six-month waiting period system, your waiting period may not be that long with Fetch if your pet’s medical records are not that bad. In short, Fetch is definitely a one-stop solution for pet parents who can’t bear the expensive monthly cost to buy pet insurance.

Fetch is also popular for offering amazing discounts and offers to retired service members and older adults. Claiming a reimbursement is incredibly easy with Fetch and that can be done by uploading the paid itemized invoice from your vet on the official website.

What more do you expect from a pet insurance company? Considering all the aspects of Fetch by the Dodo, we are bound to rate it highly. The reviews from the existing customers of Fetch also state the same fact. So, there’s no point in compromising with your pet’s treatment due to financial limitations anymore. Visit the official website of Fetch by the Dodo to buy insurance for your pet.



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