Top 10 Sites to Find Out Who Is Calling Me From This Number

The telephone makes it easy to communicate and stay in touch with people in the US and around the world, but it can also be used by scammers and telemarketers to steal from the unwary or to talk you into buying something you don’t need.

With caller I.D. you can see when you get a call from someone you know, but when it comes up as an unknown number, what do you do? The safe and sensible thing to do is check that number out – it could be an old friend or someone in an emergency, or it could be a scam call.

Read on to find out the best way to find out who is calling. Here are the top 4 picks:

  • CocoFinder: Best Overall to Check Out Who Is Calling Me From This Number
  • Spokeo: Best for Easy Finding Out Who Called Me From Unknown Numbers
  • Instant CheckMate: Best for Instant to Seek Out Who Is Calling Me
  • Real People Search: Best for Finding Out Who Called Me With Details

Top 10 Sites to Find Out Whose Telephone Numbers Is This



CocoFinder is one of the best reverse phone number lookup sites. Simply type the unknownnumber into the search box on the website, and you will find the name and location of the person or business calling from that number. CocoFinder has a strict privacy policy, and all searches are completely anonymous and confidential because the site uses high-level encryption and no records of searches are kept.

The site is perfectly legit since the website uses data from public databases, and has advanced features such as a people finder, background checking, and email lookup although it is best known for its fast phone number lookups. The best part is that all of the services on the CocoFinder website are completely free and you don’t even need to register to check who is calling you.


  • Confidential searching
  • Advanced features
  • Completely free

Check Out CocoFinder to See Why It’s the First Choice for Finding Who Called Me



Spokeo is a subscription-based search engine that provides users with public information. In addition, to reverse phone lookup, users can search names, addresses, emails, and more to find information on a person. Spokeo’s easy user interface makes searching simple and it has an extensive database as well as access to billions of public records, all totally legal.

Spokeo has a convenient app for mobile devices which is available for Android devices, with a similar app for iOS systems under development. Basic reverse phone lookup with name searches is free, with a one-off detailed report costing just 95c, and the monthly subscription for around $25 covers more thorough and unlimited searching.

The free or one-off reports are ideal for a trial, and the monthly fee is for ongoing service because you never know when you will need to check a phone number.


  • Free basic service
  • Simple to use
  • Extensive database

When You Want to Check Who Is Calling You, Spokeo Can Help

Instant CheckMate


Instant CheckMate is a reverse phone number lookup website that allows users to search public records for information on any person for a monthly fee. A 5- day trial period costs $1 and the monthly subscription charge range from $23 for a single month to about $9 a month if you sign up for 6 months or more.

A key feature of Instant CheckMate is background checking as well as phone number lookup, and users can access information on a person’s criminal history, court records, and employment. Most people use this service to find information on neighbors, friends, and people they have just met, and also for reverse phone lookup.

The simple user interface has a search feature that gathers information from multiple databases. Instant Checkmate is one of the most popular public records search tools on the internet, providing instant and completely legal access to millions of documents


  • Fast background search
  • Access to millions of public records
  • 5-day trial period

Instant CheckMateIs the Best Option When You Are Looking for Who Called You

Real People Search

Real People Search has a fast and accurate reverse phone number lookup facility so you can easily find out who is calling you. Many people also use the site to find out more about their friends, find people they have lost contact with, and or find long-lost relatives.

When you enter a number for reverse phone lookup, the site will usually return a lot of results with all sorts of information, but you can narrow down your search by using the advanced filtering options available if you just want to know who is calling and where they come from.

All search results are presented in a user-friendly way, so you can quickly find the information you are looking for. You can also see where the person is located and other details when you click on their profile.


  • Fast reverse phone lookup
  • Detailed people searching
  • User-friendly website

Go to Real People Search to Find Out Everything About Who Is Calling Me

Find People Easy


Finding information on a person using the reverse phone lookup service on the Find People Easy website is quick, simple, and safe. This service provides a variety of information, not just the person’s name, but also their address, age, and education and it is also free to use.

The search platform has access to an enormous amount of data and it is consolidated into a single database to make it simple to look up any caller’s identity.

To search for a person, you will just have to go to the ‘Phone Lookup’ tab, enter the phone number you want to search, and click on ‘Start Search. You will have matching results in seconds and you will also have access to the profile of the person who is calling you, and their current location.


  • Free reverse phone number lookup
  • Extensive and reliable database

Fast Search for Who Is Calling You With Find People Easy

Find People First


Find People First guarantees quick, accurate and relevant results when you choose their website for a reverse phone lookup. The accuracy of its data is assured since the database was built from government agencies and public records, all completely legally. Find People First only uses verified data sources and does not use social media platforms for information.

The website is secure and does not allow data tracking, so the searches are anonymous and confidential. All the key personal details of the person calling from an unknown number will be available including name, address, and current location and these details are always correct since the database is being continually updated.


  • Secure website
  • Accurate data
  • Confidential searching

Find Out Who This Number Is This With Find People First

People Fast Find


Finding out who just called is easy with People Fast Find. With just the phone number, you can get informative, up-to-date data to discover whose phone number is this. The People Fast Find database contains information obtained from various reliable sources, including government records and other publicly available records.

You can also use People Fast Find to find out who sent you text messages, which are becoming a more common form of telemarketing and many such texts are just like spam emails. When you find the numbers they are registered to you can block them, so you do not get bothered again.


  • Reverse lookup on the US and international calls
  • Text messaging lookup available

Check Out Who Is Calling You With People Fast Find

People Find Fast


With People Find Fast, you can just enter a phone number into the easy-to-use website and you can see whose number this is. It’s a great free online tool for anyone who wants to know who is trying to contact them, and it can help you to find information about who is calling you, whether it’s a business, a telemarketer, or a scam call.

You can also use this tool to search people by their email ID, address, first name, or last name. So, if someone is emailing you, you can verify their identity by using People Find Fast. The simple user interface is easy to use, no need to be a tech wiz, and you can get extensive search results.


  • Affordable people search packages
  • Easy to use web interface

Find an Unknown Caller’s Details Quickly With People Find Fast

Find People Faster


Find People Faster is one of the most comprehensive telephone directories engines online. It can help you track down anyone, find any business, and see what’s happening around you by giving you access to millions of phone numbers, addresses, and social media profiles for free.

With an easy and user-friendly website, you can find the owner of any phone number with one click. The search takes just a few seconds. All you do is enter the phone number in the search box and click on the search button. It will almost instantly give you the name, address, email, and other details of the individual or business that called you.


  • Free phone number lookup
  • Fast people searching

Find Out Who Called You Fast With Find People Faster

Fast People Finder


Fast People Finder is a service that provides information about whoever is calling from an unknown number. You just enter the phone number of the target and you will get all the information you need about the person’s identity, even their address, and location.

The information is authentic and reliable because Fast People Finder has a database built from various public records, all openly accessible and easy to use with one search. It has an advanced option that can keep you updated about the person if they change address etc. The website does not save any data from the search request so it is completely safe and secure.


  • Advanced updating option
  • Safe and secure website
  • Reliable information

Give Fast People Finder a Try to Find Out Who Called Me

Why Do I Need to Find Out Who Called Me?

There are a number of reasons why you should not just ignore missed calls and callers from unknown numbers, and here are the main ones:

Find Out Unknown Calls or Texts

That unknown caller could be a telemarketer or it might be a scam call, or it may be a long-lost friend trying to get back in touch. You will never know unless you do a reverse number look up to see who called.

Keep Your Family Safe

Not everyone in your family may be fully aware of scam callers who will try to get personal information, or sometimes someone may ring to find out who is at home, perhaps planning a burglary or worse. To be safe, always check who called.

Identify Spam Calls

Many spam calls are computer-generated automatic calls that try to sell something you don’t want or need, and if you can identify them you can block the number and avoid future hassles.

Verify Online Date

Online dating is becoming a popular way for singles to meet, but often people pretend to be someone they are not, and a reverse number lookup can reveal their true identity.


Nowadays it is hard for callers to keep their identity a secret, with many public records and other sources of information easily available on the internet. The best way to know who is calling from an unknown number is by using a reverse phone lookup website.

You can now block annoying telemarketers, phone surveys, and scam calls. With the help of these phone number lookup tools, you will be able to stay worry-free while keeping your family members safe.

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