You can’t judge a handbag by its label | This ‘n That

There are times when I think I am so funny and then fall flat on my face. This is a tale of one of my recent goof-ups.

There are times when I think I am so funny and then fall flat on my face. This is a tale of one of my recent goof-ups.

Just recently while shopping in Port Townsend with granddaughter Tenille and her Aunt Pat, we stopped in a second-hand store for a look-around. I spotted this great black cloth-and-patent leather handbag sitting by the counter on a little shelf. It had a beautiful silver link chain hanging on it with large letters saying KOKO, which I figure must be the designer’s logo. Wow, I tell myself, it’s brand new, tags still on it, elegant looking and the price is right. You could call it love at first sight.

It was a roomy handbag and I could see carrying a book in it with all my other paraphernalia, to read in the doctor’s office while waiting for Don. It even had a silver waterproof lining inside, zipper pockets in front and large silver rings on the handles.

Happy with my new purchase, I couldn’t wait to show it off to my gal pal who always buys the loveliest of well-known designer handbags, and for some reason doesn’t think I have the best taste in mine.

A few days later, I proudly show my friend and she says, “Well, you finally bought a purse I like, but I never heard of KOKO before.” Well, you know me. Quick-On-The-Draw Thornton popped out with, “Oh, well maybe not, as he is a new Italian designer in Italy.” (Talk about a snob!)

Several times later, this friend made the remark again that she really likes my new purse. After that, I thought perhaps I’d better check the Internet before she does and find out about this KOKO. I did, and sure enough got my duly deserved comeuppance.

At first glance, I saw rows of these bags in many designs, colors and patterns, from $18 all the way up the scale. Some were absolutely gorgeous — just eye-popping. Then I began reading the ad and my mouth fell open.

They were not purses as such, but of all things simply glorified lunch bags. The silver lining was insulation to keep food cool or warm.

Now, at this writing how do I tell my friend the handbag she so admires is a fancy shmancy lunch bag? With a red face, I guess …

On a more serious note, I want to express feelings about Hansville Road dangers again.

There seems to be more accidents on this road for one reason or another. One of my main cautions is to ask drivers to keep their car lights on. There are more roads, more homes and more cars. Some of the roads are very shady and you can’t see the cars coming or going until almost up to the driveways. Also, people coming out of shaded drives need theirs on to show where they are.

We have more speeders, it seems, always passing each other. One is afraid to step out to mailboxes for fear of a passing car swerving too far over. I remember one afternoon going to the market when a speeding car passed us like the wind and I told Don, “Another late for the ferry,” only the idiot turned into the casino. Can you imagine taking such chances just to get to a casino?

Please be careful, folks. Turn your lights on and don’t speed. We don’t want to read about you in the obituaries.

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