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History lived and remembered | This N’ That

Reaching an age, which I now call my Lavender Years (since the Golden Years have passed so quickly), I have time to look back on… Continue reading


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Who doesn’t love a potluck? Oh, sure, there’s always a scrooge who’d rather sit home with his hand glued to the remote, glassy eyes hypnotized by the ball game. Does that sound familiar? I thought so as every family has one. Right?


This ‘n’ ‘That: Be a good neighbor in times of need

Holidays roll around so quickly, it can make a person’s head swim, and this year, heads are swimming because of our downhill economy. At this… Continue reading


This ‘n’ That: A Christmas formula for life

Anyone who knows me well, knows my favorite holiday is Christmas Eve. Every year I look forward to Redeemer United Methodist Church Candlelight Service with anticipation. I invite everyone to come and join us at 7 p.m.

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Oh, spring, where art thou?

This N’ That

In childhood, looking up at a full opalescent moon on a cold winter night was magical. Such a feeling of wonder for a child. This… Continue reading

A magical season | This ‘N’ That | October

October is a magical season with old Mother Nature painting her brilliant fall colors everywhere. The pungent odor of cedar and fir swaying in the… Continue reading

It’s tea time in Kingston | This ‘N’ That | May

One can always tell spring is here by the hustle and bustle of the Sunshine women of Kingston’s Redeemer United Methodist Church. The planning of… Continue reading

Be sure and check your latest bank statement for surprises | This ‘n That

I have an off-beat sense humor, always finding something funny in just about everything. There are times when a remark strikes me and I just fall apart, like when a congressman recently became a little testy, saying he was getting very tired of people picking on the rich.

Scamming our military vets: Almost as low as it gets | This ‘N That

My family has a special interest in veterans since four of our sons served in the military during the Vietnam War. Some still don’t call it a war, but they weren’t there. Believe them, it was a war.

The war, a letter and helping others | This ‘n That

It tickled me to read a letter in the June Kingston Community News, on the Opinion page. It was titled, “Yes, Jacque, and capitalism does work well.” David Brown of Hansville was remarking on my column, “Who is looking out for the little guy anyway?”

Can ticketing by law enforcement go too far? | This n That

There are times when the legality of laws and policies strike all of us as a “situation impossible” (one of my own expressions).

Ill motorist gets a break on parking fine | This ‘N That

In the August edition of Kingston Community News, I told of our daughter’s medical emergency and how she was ticketed for $450 because she parked in the handicapped zone in front of Group Health in Poulsbo.

An email opens a memory vault | This ‘N That

Last month, I received an email from gal pal Jan Richards of Kingston that set this old memory bank back in time.

Past or present, the Christmas season is meaningful | This ‘N That

There is something mystical about evenings in late December, bringing to mind a small 6-year-old child who felt the magic of Christmas in 1937, the year Seattle had a rare blustery snowstorm.

Cellphones ring at the wrong time, fall in odd places | This ‘N That

Most of us have done some pretty odd things in our lifetime — no, wait, stupid things, having put myself in that situation so many times it really can’t be counted.

Many blessings helping to speed recovery | This ‘N That

How does one go about thanking so many people and groups of medical teams for their help in keeping a husband ticking?

Changing seasons bring fond memories to mind | This ‘n That

The expression “How time flies” has been around forever, it seems. And, too, the connection of seasons also has been used as an expression of the different stages of our lives in poetry and song.

Share what you can with neighbors in need | This ‘N’ That

It seems every year the holiday season rolls around earlier than the last. Yet, as children, we thought it was never going to get here, while marking the days off on the calendar. Thanksgiving was big in my family and was so looked forward to in my growing up. We had turkey two times a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, in those days, unless you were lucky enough to live on a farm raising a few. The Great Depression put a damper on holidays for many. I remember one year during the 1930s, when a local church with little funds left a basket in front of our apartment door with a small turkey and all the trimmings. Mom cried when she found it.

Reasons why women should not go topless | This ‘N’ That

I’m sorry, folks, but I just have to get this off my feminine chest ...