These shows are anything but a drag

Kingston waiter makes debut with ‘Divas’ as Clara Voyance

Mile-high hair, colorful lipstick and over-the-top sparkling outfits will be part of the lively “Divas of the Northwest” drag show coming to Bremerton’s Roxy Theatre March 16.

“The performers all come in incredible gowns and headpieces and lip-sync to great songs,” said Tracy Patterson of Poulsbo, an organizer of the show. “There’ll be a lot of interaction with the audience. Some divas come down to the audience and walk through the aisles. It’s super fun.”

Patterson profiled the show’s drag queens, including a diva from Kingston — Shay Fox, a transplant from Dallas, TX and referred to as the “Mouth of the South,” who will emcee the show. Her personality takes over the room. She is quick-witted, has big hair, big jewelry and a big mouth!

Diamond St. James, a former Miss Gay USA, is a pageant queen who wears long-sequined gowns. She can do a Tina Turner song and dance.

Versace Doll not surprisingly loves brand-name stuff. She tends to show more skin, wearing risqué gowns. Music-wise Versace covers all the bases and is known to do an old R&B tune then jump into hip-hop.

Starla D’ville has a flair for campiness. She is the funny one of the group who adds humorous patter during her songs.

Homegrown diva

Making her debut with “Divas from the Northwest” is Clara Voyance, a 22-year-old drag queen from Kingston who enjoys being referred to as “The Villain of Kitsap.”

“My persona is very femme fatale,” Clara said. “She is the villain or anti-hero. I wanted to channel the darker side of my personality since out of drag I am more bubbly and sweet. The best word to describe her would definitely be: “Man-eater.”

The Kitsap queen teased a description of her show. “It’s definitely going to be sultry. Because I do have this seductive vibe myself, but I also keep it a little quirky and artistic.”

Clara is excited about the Roxy show since it provides the opportunity to let loose on a large stage compared to the limited performance area in bars. The 22-year-old performer will have family support. “Part of my family comes out to every show because my mom or my sister usually assists me behind the stage.”

Preparing for a drag show takes time, Clara revealed. “I can do my make-up — if I don’t take any breaks — in an hour and a half. But I like to take three hours — to have a drink, relax, play some music and have fun with it. Then, getting into clothing that’s probably another thirty minutes.”

“My clothes have multiple layers. The corset usually take the longest to lace up and tighten and putting the dress on top of that. Then there are stockings, earrings and jewelry. I have a lot of details with my look so that’s why it takes me a little longer than other performers.”

Clara became interested in dressing in drag as a teenager. “In high school, I was an artist and most of the pieces I would draw were pin-up, femme fatale kind of characters. At some point that transitioned to like — you know, why not give it a go! It was for Halloween, I just decided to get in drag for the first time, and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been working on my look ever since.”

Off-stage Clara is Gianni Nguyen and a waiter at the Kingston Ale House. Clara has performed in drag shows in Seattle and at the Brass Kraken Pub in Poulsbo and the Remedy Speakeasy in Bremerton.

Backing up the Northwest divas on stage will be a pair of dancers from the Cornish College of Arts on Capitol Hill. This will be the third time the flamboyant ladies have appeared at the Roxy.

“We have quite the following [in Kitsap County],” reports Patterson. “We have a large LGBTQ community, and they love to be able to go to the shows locally instead of having to go over to Seattle. Straight and LGBTQ, everybody loves coming.”

Tickets for the 7 p.m. show are available online at: