Revisiting familiar authors and their newest books | Bookends

When I started writing my column, my first author interview was with Elena Hartwell. Her first book, “One Dead, Two To Go,” was an Eddie Shoes Mystery. Now, her newest book, “Two Heads Are Deader Than One,” features private detective Eddie Shoes again and is just as good a read.

Another author I wrote about was Blair Howard and his Harry Starke series. This book is about a former policeman turned private detective and his adventures in the land of bad guys. He has a few adventures with some women too. Howard’s latest book, his 11th, is “Emoji.”

Matt Ryan, who was a Kitsap County commissioner a few years ago, wrote the “Revenge of the Banker’s Daughter” and his latest book and a continuation of this story: “She Confessed, Didn’t She?” It tells of the same characters, only several years later.

J.A. Jance’s newest book is “Proof of Life.” This is a return to my favorite character, J.P. Beaumont.

Hope Callaghan’s latest book is “Strangers Among Us,” a Garden Girls mystery. It is the 17th book in this series.

And, in our own backyard, A.C. Fuller has written several books since I interviewed him. His original “The Anonymous Source” was followed by “The Inverted Pyramid,” “Mockingbird Drive,” and “The Shadow File.” All are great thrillers.

Carol Cassella is a practicing physician in our neighborhood. She wrote “Oxygen,” “Gemini,” and “Healer.” They all involve the medical world, and they are all mysteries worth reading.

Ronald Lamont’s book, “Risen From the Depths,” was just showcased at Barnes and Noble in Silverdale where he did a reading. His latest, “Smoke and Mirrors” is now available. The promo blurb: “Slaughter County; the name conjures up all sorts of disturbing images. In reality, nothing noteworthy ever happens in this quiet hamlet — not if you’re a homicide detective anyway — not until that fateful autumn evening …”

Lamont said he loves meeting readers at book clubs. So, if you would like to invite him to come meet your group and discuss either of his books, just let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him.

Susanne Bacon’s latest book is “Telling Truths,” which includes recipes and was a great favorite of many of my friends. Her books are written in a folksy manner and before you get very far into the book you feel like you are reading about friends.

Wendy Hinman wrote the book, “Tightwads On The Loose: A Seven-Year Pacific Odyssey” about her and her husband’s sailing adventures. She followed it up with “Sea Trials: Around the World with Duct Tape and Bailing Wire,” about her husband’s sailing adventures with his family when he was a kid. Both books are fun reads.

There are many more authors I have interviewed, but these are the ones that let me know about their newest books.

Don’t forget book events in our area. Look at these websites for upcoming events featuring authors, book clubs and other interesting offerings:

Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge Island,

Liberty Bay Books Poulsbo and Bremerton,

Kitsap Regional Libraries, Look under the “Visit” tab to find a library to visit and see what is happening by looking under “Events” at that library.

The books I mentioned above and the events happening around our area should take you well into our rainy winter days, when a good book and a cup of tea go together so well.

— Donna Lee Anderson teaches writing and is the author of two novels and a reference book for writers. Contact her at welltold