Oh, the stories you’ll read | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

We will start this week with an example of officers being respectful, helpful and cooperative, even when it would have been so much easier not to be.

I know the narrative right now is that cops are all impatient and rude, but the reality is that officers go the extra mile and put up with obnoxious people all the time.

Last weekend, we were dispatched to a “large fight,” but it turned out it was only one person who was causing a problem.

He had been kicked out of “casino night” for a local athletics fundraiser, where they were serving alcohol and playing friendly games of poker. He got very drunk and would not leave, hence the report of what appeared to be a large fight.

As it turns out, nobody was assaulted or claimed to be assaulted, they were just hoping to get the man out of there.

So, police Cpl. Jason Verte-feuille offered to solve the problem and provide the man and his (also intoxicated) spouse a ride home, so the group would not have to wait for a cab or Uber, and there would be no risk that either drove drunk.

He was happy to help even when we determined that the man lived way out in Seabeck.

Cpl. Vertefeuille quickly realized it was going to be a long trip. These two berated and antagonized the officer for the entire ride.

When they arrived at their home, a passcode was needed to help them enter the home. The couple decided to give a quiz to Vertefeuille and make him answer trivia questions to determine the passcode. When he answered correctly, they would sarcastically clap. The preternaturally patient and empathetic Cpl. Vertefeuille got everybody home safe, and that’s what matters.

More supernatural talents of the BPD

There were three burglaries last week in the Manette neighborhood, including one in which the resident was awakened in their bedroom by the burglar, who ran out the door.

Officer Jacob Switzer obtained evidence, went door to door looking for information or possible suspects and, after three days of hard work, located the suspect, a juvenile who lived nearby.

After he spoke with the young man, he told him that he was being arrested and would be taken to the Juvenile Detention Center. This prompted the youth to jump up and run away, down the driveway and toward the street.

Apparently unaware of Officer Switzer’s legendary reflexes and speed, the young man made it only halfway down the driveway before being taken back into custody.

He will be charged in Juvenile Court. Outstanding work by Officer Switzer.

A mystery solved by the wind

We will title this next story “A Mighty Wind,” or maybe “The Gust that Led to a Bust.”

Officer Steven Forbragd checked on a parked car that had a license plate that did not match the make of the car.

The VIN in the window was also partially (perhaps intentionally) covered, adding to the suspicious circumstances.

A woman walked up and said she owned the car, and further claimed to know nothing about the discrepancy he was investigating. The officer asked to see her identification, and she said she could not find it.

As Officer Forbragd mentally prepared to play what we call “the name game,” a gust of winter wind blew the woman’s unzipped coat open, revealing her ID in a mesh pocket and a meth pipe in the other pocket. She was arrested.

The more you read, the more you will know

On March 2, along with Sheriff Gary Simpson, I was honored to read to students at Crosspoint Academy during the “All Day Read-In,” which also coincided with Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

I read to students in grades K-5. It was also Pajama Day at Crosspoint, so I felt very overdressed in my uniform.

The kids were great and we really enjoyed it. For the younger students, I read the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Muffin,” which I had not read before.

I learned that if you give a mouse a muffin, it leads to a lot of other consequences, including ice cream and naps. Good to know, and this knowledge will inform my future decisions toward providing rodents with any kind of baked goods!

— Steven Strachan is chief of the Bremerton Police Department.