Steven Strachan

Bremerton Police Chief Steven D. Strachan

Acts of compassion and humility by our police

I want to share some incidents that illustrate what our people do every day


The difference between those who need help, and criminals | Chief Strachan

During the third week of November, officers were dispatched to a convenience store regarding a report of a robbery. Officers arrived and learned a female… Continue reading


Mental health issues dominate officers’ work | Police Calls

It was very apparent this past week that the full moon was coming. It started Oct. 7 when officers responded to a hit-and-run collision on… Continue reading


Be vewy quiet … I am hunting wabbits| Police Calls

Officer Trevor Donnelly was called to a minivan vs. house crash this past week. The driver was last seen fleeing on foot, but he didn’t… Continue reading

You never know what you are going to observe each day | Police Calls

We all know police officers should never draw conclusions based on initial appearances. However, it is very difficult not to make certain negative assumptions when… Continue reading

Impaired drivers, helpful residents, and hotel encounters | Police Calls

We started last week with some extra enforcement for impaired drivers. The first DUI driver on Sept. 9 was initially stopped by Officer Allan McComas… Continue reading

Officers deal with the fallout from substance abuse | Police Calls

BREMERTON — You may have heard about “Spice,” which is sold by some stores as “bath salts” or “potpourri” but everyone knows it is being… Continue reading

Oh, the stories you’ll read | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

We will start this week with an example of officers being respectful, helpful and cooperative, even when it would have been so much easier not… Continue reading

Bad things can happen when you combine guns and stupidity | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

Kids these days On Super Bowl Sunday, Officer Joe Corey responded to the area behind Papa Murphy’s on Kitsap Way in response to hearing a… Continue reading

Freedom goes to jail after violating court order — again | BPD Update

At least it’s creative Early last week, Officer Derek Ejde was dispatched to a residence in East Bremerton for a violation of a court-issued order… Continue reading

Poor parking jobs, unsavory recipes, sketchy gifts | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

Not the best way to get your car in the garage Last Saturday, Officer Spencer Berntsen was dispatched to a reckless vehicle on Sylvan Way.… Continue reading

Men without pants, warm buses and a K-9 sidekick | Bremerton Police Weekly Update

With mental health issues, without pants If you are a regular reader of our updates, you know we frequently cite the challenges of dealing with… Continue reading

2017 shaping up to be a busy year | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

DUI emphasis made for a busy night Last week was a DUI emphasis, and Officer Steven Forbragd started the evening off by stopping a car… Continue reading

Honored to help our brethren in blue | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

Always listen to the dog This week I’d like to start with a narrative from the supervisor from an overnight shift last week that ends… Continue reading

An honor to serve | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

Our department, like many in this area last week, was busy assisting with logistics for the memorial and procession for Officer Gutierrez in Tacoma. I… Continue reading

Heartbreaking news for police community | BPD Weekly Update

After the news of the death of Tacoma Officer Jake Gutierrez last week, let’s start out with a few of our more routine incidents this… Continue reading