Miss Viking Fest contestants will bring historic figures from 1920s back to life

Vying for $1,500, and a year in the spotlight to call attention to a cause

POULSBO — A title, $1,500, and a year in the spotlight to do good in the community and call attention to a cause.

That’s what’s at stake in the 17th annual Miss Viking Fest &Little Miss Viking Fest Pageant Coronation Dinner, 5:30 p.m. April 22 at Clearwater Casino Resort’s Whale Room.

Tickets are $25, which includes dinner and a no-host bar. You can buy a ticket from a contestant or by emailing missvikingfest@aol.com. The pageant theme is “The Roaring ’20s.”

This year, two are competing for the Miss Viking Fest title, two for Little Miss Viking Fest. Program director Kari McKinsey said the usual way of recruiting contestants — posters at schools — is no longer an option, and that’s the reason for the low number of contestants. “We’ve had to come out with other avenues to advertise that we are accepting applications,” she said. “We have to try to find new creative ways” of getting the word out.

It’s good news, in a way, for this year’s contestants. The new Miss Viking Fest will receive $1,500 for college, the runner-up $750. In addition, one of them will receive the $1,000 Doug McKay Memorial Scholarship, awarded based on the contestant’s community service platform. The Little Miss Viking Fest contestants each receive gift baskets.

The four will spend a year representing Poulsbo and Viking Fest at festivals in the region, assisting the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce and non-profits at events, and doing their community service projects, McKinsey said.

“It’s about promoting our area and our wonderful city,” she said.

Here are the Miss Viking Fest contestants.

Contestant No. 1: Mattilyn Richardson, 14, is a freshman at North Kitsap High School. She is involved in choir, honor roll, and enjoys snowmobiling and river rafting. Mattilyn is sponsored by West Bay Auto Parts and Linda Richardson. She is the daughter of Matt and Tiffany Richardson of Poulsbo.

Contestant No. 2: Bella Galbiati, 15, is a sophomore at Kingston High School. She is involved in band, honor roll, debate, and enjoys caring for her bunny Phyllis. Bella is sponsored by West Sound Plumbing. She is the daughter of Carlo and Dawn Galbiati of Poulsbo.

Here are the Little Miss Viking Fest contestants.

Contestant No. 1: Caya Gresham, 7, is a second-grader at Poulsbo Elementary School. She loves singing, dancing, gymnastics, and sports. Caya is sponsored by Bankrock Corporation, and Gresham Pump and Drilling. She is the daughter of Chad and Sara Gresham of Poulsbo.

Contestant No. 2: Danielle McKinsey, 8, is a second-grader at Vinland Elementary School. She loves kitty cats, drawing, playing games on the iPad, and barrel-racing horses. Danielle is sponsored by Common Cents Bookkeeping, Windy Ridge Arena, and JB Concrete. She is the daughter of Matt and Kari McKinsey of Poulsbo.

Each Miss Viking Fest contestant will be interviewed one-on-one and on stage, will tackle an impromptu question, and, in keeping with the Roaring ’20s theme, will represent an influential woman from the 1920s.

The Little Miss contestants will participate in the same events with the exception of the skit.

Viking Fest is an annual celebration of Norway’s Constitution Day and takes place the weekend closest to May 17 — in Norwegian, “Syttende mai.” This year’s festival will be on May 19-21 and features a carnival, parade, live entertainment, competitions, and Viking Village in Muriel Iverson Williams Waterfront Park.


2000: Kristen Oas, queen; Marie Pitts and Nakeisha Pay, princesses.

2001: Janna Murray, queen; Ashley Bean and Megan Greenfield, princesses.

2002: Alex Duchemin, queen; Victoria Jones and Kelsey Erickson, princesses.

2003: Jessica Styron, queen; Ashley Ogle and Megan Brose, princesses.

2004: Lauren Hoffman, queen; Crystal Robinette and Jessica Endresen, princesses.

2005: Kayla McAfee, queen; Kaylee Ross and Jessica Hanna, princesses.

2006: Jasmine Campbell, queen; Whitney Glebe and Elizabeth Almond, princesses.

2007: Whitney Glebe, queen; Amanda Dixon and Alisa Foresee, princesses.

2008: Rachel Daniels, queen; Amber Hoak and Haley Fiddler, princesses.

2009: Lacey Coolbaugh, queen; Carson Smallbeck and Melissa Hemery, princesses.

2010: Carson Smallbeck, queen; Kelsey Moss and Jaycee McQuade, princesses.

2011: Kelsey Moss, queen; Kylie Villopoto and Alissa Newman, princesses.

2012: Maelina Mattson, queen; Gabrielle Thetford and Anna Hall, princesses.

2013: Alison Pace, queen; Connie Sue Vargas and Brianna Berkhout, princesses.

2014: Natalie Meyers, queen; McKenna Kelley and Riley Hamilton, princesses.

2015: Sadia Gresham, queen; Jordan Trainer and Abigail Potter, princesses.

2016: Sadia Gresham, queen; Abigail Potter, princess.

PAST LITTLE MISS VIKING FESTS 2011: Kaitlyn McKinsey, queen; Tatyana Reyes, princess.

2012: Tatyana Reyes, queen; Alayna Goulet and Kayla Baker, princesses.

2013: Lucy Norton, queen; Nikki Reyes and Kallen Anderson, princesses.

2014: Aliyah Palafox, queen; Calloway Cooper, princess.

2015: Nollie Dyson, queen; Caya Gresham and Sienna Parmalee, princesses.

2016: Caya Gresham and Sienna Parmalee, princesses.

Mattilyn Richardson (P5 Photography)

Mattilyn Richardson (P5 Photography)

Bella Galbiati (P5 Photography)

Bella Galbiati (P5 Photography)

Danielle McKinsey (P5 Photography)

Danielle McKinsey (P5 Photography)

Caya Gresham (P5 Photography)

Caya Gresham (P5 Photography)