Is that a sympathetic stab wound? | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

F.O.R.D. (Flipped Over Really Drunk)

Graveyard responded to a truck that “missed the turn” at the end of Phinney Bay. As we all know, alcohol impairs the judgement just a tad. Actually, the driver was about 200 yards south of the last turn on Phinney Bay and flipped over the embankment.

Luckily, an Audi was parked about 30 feet down and attempted to break the truck’s fall … gently placing it on its side against the blacktop driveway of Phinney Bay Place. Surprisingly, the driver reeked of alcohol and was arrested for DUI.

Hospital runs out of patience

Officer Shaw and Officer Hall responded to Harrison Hospital when a patient tried to leave while still attached to hospital equipment.

Security attempted to stop the man, who became confrontational and began assaulting the security officers. A struggle ensued between the security officers and patient, during which the patient grabbed a pen and tried to stab one of the officers.

This, fortunately, didn’t cause any injury and they were able to control the patient until police arrived. The patient was discharged and driven directly to the Kitsap County Jail and charged with assault.

Valentine’s Day is over — so is the romance

Officer Prouse responded to E. 29 Street for a domestic disturbance after a neighbor called about a female running down the road.

He located the male and female at the residence by a garage door. There was no assault and the female accepted a ride out of the area.

Wanting to have the last word, the less than cooperative male started yelling at the female as she was getting into Officer Prouse’s car, and he threw two heart shaped boxes of candy toward Officer Prouse and his car.

Mental-health themed shift

The mental health and medical response for numerous issues continues for all law enforcement. Last Thursday night, in about a three hour period of time, Bremerton officers responded to a local store for a suicidal male. The male was intoxicated and wanted to know, if he asked God for forgiveness before he hung himself or shot himself, would he be forgiven?

The male agreed to go to HMH for an evaluation. Fortunately, he was not violent and agreed to get help that the officers offered him.

As officers were finishing up with that suicidal subject, BPD units responded to another depressed male on the west side of town. The subject had walked away from his house. Officer Corn found the man and in speaking to him, she learned that he wanted the police to kill him.

He calmed down and was taken to HMH for and an evaluation.

While officers were dealing with the above two details, a chronic mentally ill woman called dispatch screaming about children trying to get her. This is an ongoing issue with this subject. And finally, a male was on the Warren Avenue Bridge looking over the side, and said he had taken some prescription medications along with some alcohol and was contemplating ending his life. After speaking with the officers, he reluctantly decided to go the HMH. All of these incidents could have taken a bad turn at any moment, and are all examples of the thousands of calls that go really right that you just never hear about.

Dr. Phil or Maury Povich?

Friday morning started off with the report of a stabbing at a local store. After investigating further, a lone subject was located who told officers that he had just got back together with his wife and did not want to mess things up.

He had been drinking so he decided to stab himself.

He was not suicidal. He just needed to garner sympathy so she would overlook his drinking. Last week is another example of the numerous community problems the Police Department are called to handle. For the month of January, BPD was dispatched to 4,051 details and Bremerton Fire to another 792.

Tom Wolfe is a captain with the Bremerton Police Department. He can be reached at