Hansville Rummage Sale takes plenty of teamwork

Hundreds of volunteers came together this year to organize the Greater Hansville Community Center’s 50th Annual Rummage Sale. Such a huge undertaking takes coordination, collaboration, cooperation—team work!

“Our sale is always a success because so many people pitch in to help—they know how important the proceeds are to their community,” said Connie Gordon. Another secret to the sale’s success: the outstanding leadership and organizational skills of co-chairs Gordon and Howie O’Brien. And finally, people flock to the sale expecting great bargains—and they’re never disappointed.

As Gordon is quick to point out, there wouldn’t be a sale unless so many residents of Hansville and nearby communities did their part. This year, over 42,000 items were donated on drop-off days, which began in the spring. It’s the job of the volunteers to unload the boxes and bags of donations from vehicles, sort, clean and test them if necessary, then pack them up until it’s time to set up the sale in August.

Volunteers work in specific departments. Some have been at it for so many years they’ve become experts in their area. Cathy Ford and Dot Bogash, for example, handle toys and games. “Our selection of toys is different every time, of course. This year we have some wonderful train sets,” said Ford.

Bob Bennion, a longtime volunteer, is in charge of lamps: “We have so many great lamps—desk, table, office and floor lamps—and each one has to be tested. We price them very reasonably.”

“Sorting all the hand tools, the nuts, bolts and nails, plumbing and automotive supplies we get is a huge job,” said Rick Mackey. “We sell out really fast.”

Two other popular areas are home décor, run by Nancy Minahan and Robin Stempien, and Antiques and Collectibles, headed by Suzanne Paulson and Sally Kvam. From traditional to modern, whatever your style, they say they have something you’ll like and at a very good price.

“You can probably set up an entire kitchen between what we have in small appliances, kitchenware, glasses, china sets, and linens,” said Gordon. “Coffeemakers, toasters and blenders are always popular, and some of the antique linens we’ve received are beautiful.”

“You can certainly set up a bedroom or two with the amazing number of really nice furniture that has come in this year,” said O’Brien, who handles the larger items donated. “We even have a couple of small boats,” he added. “And every year we get bicycles and sporting equipment for every member of the family.”

The 50th Annual Rummage Sale will be brimming with well-priced treasures, so come early. There’s plenty of parking and volunteers will help you load up. Coffee and snacks are available all day.

Sale dates: Saturday, Aug. 10, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, Aug. 11, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Greater Hansville Community Center is located at 6778 Buck Lake Rd, NE, Hansville.

Annette Wright was an editor and writer for women’s magazines in NYC for 25 years. You can contact her at wrightannette511@gmail.com