All kinds of 10-minute plays on BI in TABOO!

TABOO!, ten 10-minute plays that are funny, serious, quirky and thought-provoking, will take place Aug. 17-19 at Bainbridge High School.

The 10th Annual Island Theatre production will include plays at 7 p.m. that Thursday, Friday and Saturday, along with a matinee at 3 p.m. Aug. 19.

The 10 plays were selected out of 70 submissions by a panel of theater professionals. They are helmed by 10 local directors and cast with more than two dozen local actors.

The plays and playwrights are:

”Dancing For Her Death” by Katherine Anderson Law

”Laundry Day” by Chelsea Leah

”Steve Jobs’ Last Words” by Jeff Fraga

”Routinely” by Erica Salazar

”Mothers’ Day” by Wendy Wallace

”Fire in the Yard” by Jeff Brown

”Sex Talk” by Audrey Nelson

”Summer ’17” by Henry Bacon

”Nearest Far Away Place” by Aleks Merilo

“Okaeshi” by Eileen Miller

Plays are suitable for young adults and older. A $5 per person minimum donation is suggested. Reserve them at

Its news release says Island Theatre provides high-quality theater in intimate settings for adults who like to think. The regular schedule includes staged dramatic play-readings at Bainbridge Public Library, and at Your House potluck play-readings in homes. Run by volunteers, the nonprofit is supported by patron donations, the Bainbridge Community Foundation, the city ‘s Cultural Fund, Rotary Club of BI and One Call for All.

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