Supports Jagodzinske for North Kitsap School Board

I retired from North Kitsap School District after 25 years of teaching. During that time, I served under several superintendents, principals and school board members. I still have ties to the educational community and continue to desire the best for all North Kitsap students.

School board members influence much of what happens in the schools and affect all the students in the district. I feel the best candidate for the North Kitsap School Board is Daron Jagodzinske.

Daron is very aware of the issues facing the school district. He recognizes the district’s need to address its financial responsibilities, delayed facilities projects like replacement of aging heating and ventilation equipment, as well as improving the physical safety of its school buildings. Daron has a degree in accounting and has worked for a large financial firm so he is able to understand and evaluate the financial needs of the district.

All of Daron’s children attend North Kitsap schools. Every year, he volunteers to work in classrooms and help with many other school events. He has many contacts in the community, he is a great listener, and he communicates clearly and effectively.

Trust is key to working with other school board members and other school district staff. Daron is one of the most trustworthy people I know. I hope every voter will consider voting for him.

Joyce Brown