Reelect Patty Lent for mayor of Bremerton

Mayor Lent is undoubtedly the best candidate for the 2017 Bremerton Mayoral job. Greg Wheeler has been on the City Council for eight years, and three of those years as Council President. Many, if not all, of his solutions for Bremerton that appear in his political ads and YouTube videos could have been started while he was on the City Council or as President under his leadership — but they weren’t. Why?

I reject the implication that you have to be Mayor to encourage business development. A City Councilman can and should encourage and help recruit business to Bremerton, just like the Mayor. Why hasn’t this been done?

No one has mentioned that Mayor Patty Lent serves as Vice Chair of the Washington State TIB (Transportation Improvement Board). The TIB board’s main job is to qualify grant applicants for transportation project grants. This position is appointed by the governor, and we would lose this influential position should Mayor Lent not be re-elected. This is extremely important to the City of Bremerton’s street redevelopment. This position very possibly would increase the number of “ribbons to cut” as Mr. Wheeler stated what Mayor Lent does so well. More ribbons, more business. What a concept!

I encourage each voter to review their Mayoral vote. Mr. Wheeler promises future deliverables but does not mention how he plans to make these promises happen. Many of these promises could have been and should have been started in the City Council, but weren’t. Vote Patty Lent!

Jerry McDonald