Letters to the Editor

Support Timme

To the editor:

It is easy for me to support Melissa Timme for parks commissioner. Melissa is qualified for the position given her participation as an active athlete in parks’ programs, coordinator of children’s activities and an extremely organized, independent businesswoman.

Melissa does it all and welcomes new perspectives along the way. She exemplifies honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness in all endeavors. She will use those qualities to create an efficient avenue linking consumers and the parks department.

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur.

Bainbridge residents need to know Melissa Timme is prepared to be a terrific parks commissioner.

Tom Kelly


Vote Goodlin

To the editor:

I strongly recommend you cast your vote this November for Tom Goodlin for Bainbridge Island parks commissioner. Elected in 2021 for two years, Tom has shown he is more than worthy of our confidence to renew him for a full six-year term. I am interested in bike infrastructure, pickleball facilities and great trails, and Tom has been an advocate for developing all those things.

More importantly, Tom actively seeks the opinions of all islanders, listens to their suggestions and concerns, and speaks assertively to his fellow commissioners to present the interests of fellow citizens that extend beyond my needs. While Tom certainly works collaboratively with fellow board members and staff, he also is willing to speak his opinion and promote fellow islanders’ interests. He even occasionally casts votes against the board majority.

Tom repeatedly has encouraged the park district to improve transparency, and staff has greatly improved in involving interested parties and neighbors early in planning discussions. Tom brings bona fides in land acquisition and conservation through his six years on the land trust board—including president—and applies that background to promote trail development and parkland acquisition. Furthermore, Tom promotes development of our park district to increase participation in classes, exercise, play and outdoor recreation.

We have to like a guy who volunteers so readily for our parks to encourage a more active, healthy and engaged community.

Stephen Johnson