WellMe BioVanish Reviews – Will It Work For You? Real Truth Exposed!

Losing weight is a challenging task that often requires you to combine numerous weight-loss techniques such as exercising, dieting, and willpower. And as most people have come to learn, these don’t always work, hence the need to look at alternative plans, such as the keto diet.

Today, the keto diet has become the go-to option for anyone looking to lose those extra pounds. Unfortunately, this diet comes with all kinds of restrictions, making it difficult for some people to follow it.

The good news is that all is not lost, as there is now a new and better way to lose weight via the keto diet without following the aforementioned restrictions. In this review, we will introduce you to BioVanish™ from WellMe, a weight loss product that can do that.

What Is BioVanish™ by WellMe?

BioVanish™ by WellMe is a keto-based dietary supplement that mimics all the effects associated with the keto diet without requiring you to follow a strict diet. As you may know by now, this diet requires all its followers to make a monumental shift in how they eat and what they eat.

Well, BioVanish™ seeks to free you from all these restrictions by providing you with a physician-approved formulation that will burn stubborn fat without forcing you to diet. The table below provides a quick summary of why this fat-burner has become so popular nationwide!

Product Name BioVanish™
Category Fast fat burner
Product form Easy-to-use powder solution
Consumer Rating Testimonials on the website put it at a solid five-star. (Read reviews!)
BioVanish™ Ingredients Vitamin B12, Medium Chain Triglycerides Powder derived from coconut oil, folate, vitamin B6, and L-theanine.
Benefits offered by BioVanish™ as per the manufacturer
  • It supports accelerated fat burning by mimicking the effects of the keto diet
  • BioVanish™ reduces unwanted stubborn fat on your belly, thighs, and butt
  • It can reduce your cravings and suppress your appetite
  • BioVanish™ promotes healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • It reduces brain fog and helps enhance brain performance, leading to better mental clarity
  • BioVanish™ aids in increasing your energy levels naturally and boosting your metabolic rate.
  • Number of servings in a single container 30 per bottle
    Recommended daily BioVanish™ dosage One scoop mixed with your favorite beverage, e.g., water, fruit drink, etc.
    Quality standards
  • This supplement has been manufactured using naturally sourced ingredients
  • BioVanish™ is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the USA
  • All the ingredients used in its manufacture are clinically tested and backed by scientific evidence
  • BioVanish™ is non-habit forming and has no adverse reactions
  • What Is BioVanish™ According to the Creator?

    The BioVanish™ team describes this dietary supplement as a doctor-formulated weight loss supplement that can mimic all the effects linked to following a ketogenic diet. It goes further to note that it stands out because it does all this without you having to adjust your diet.


    If you have researched the keto diet, you may have realized that this is a low-carb, high-fat, and protein diet that many believe can assist in boosting weight loss. Some even say that it can aid in reducing the symptoms linked to health conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes.

    But as researchers have come to learn, not everyone can stick to its strict guidelines.

    BioVanish™ states that it can offer similar weight loss benefits without requiring you to exercise or diet, a factor that has proven popular with many Weight Watchers. According to its creators, BioVanish™ does this by using a technique known as the Dairy Farm Weight Loss Method.

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    How Does BioVanish™ Work?

    BioVanish™ claims on its website to be the only weight loss supplement that can support fast fat burning. Its formulation works by supporting the production of beta-hydroxybutyric (BHB) enzymes inside your body.

    The body needs BHB to break down stubborn fat stored in hard-to-reach areas such as the neck, belly, and thighs. According to the BioVanish™ team, this supplement contains elements that promote BHB activity, enabling the body to burn calories faster, leading to accelerated weight loss.

    But unlike the case with the keto diet, this formulation derives its BHB from what is called the 9-c fats. These fats are readily available in dairy products, even though manufacturers say it’s impossible for consumers to get them directly, hence the need to supplement with BioVanish™.

    Its creators go on to note that BioVanish™ can help you to lose weight, increase your energy levels naturally, reduce cravings for junk food, and enhance your mental clarity. Moreover, it adds that it can boost overall health by reducing inflammation and promoting natural metabolism.

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    BioVanish™ Ingredients

    The BioVanish™ team has used naturally sourced ingredients proven to supply the body with 9-c fats and increase the levels of BHB inside the body to promote weight loss. Some of the ingredients used in making this revolutionary weight loss supplement include the following:


    Premium 9-C Fats

    BioVanish™ derives its unsaturated fats from a high-quality coconut extract. According to researchers at the University of Auckland, the 9-C molecules can increase your BHB levels faster than following a keto regimen.

    As your BHB levels increase, it becomes easier for the body to burn stubborn fat for energy instead of relying on carbs present in your diet. And this explains why tons of studies have begun to show amazing results on weight loss.

    For example, a study by Temple University proved that taking 9-C fats daily helped increase the body’s fat-burning abilities at the same rate fasting would do – all in 12 hours, raising the question, would you prefer starving for 12 hours or taking a scoop of weight loss formula with a glass of water?

    B-Vitamin Blend

    A study published by the Medical Journal of Nutrients in 2019 established that people who take B-vitamin blends regularly have a reduced risk of becoming obese. Please note that these are manufacturer-provided quotes; our editors can’t independently verify them!


    L-theanine has been included in BioVanish™ because it contains excellent stress-relieving benefits. It has also been seen to assist in aiding restful sleep and can work together with BHB to accelerate fast fat burning in the cells in and around your belly.

    Purchasing BioVanish™

    BioVanish™ is available online from the official website. There are several packages available, with discounts increasing if you order in bulk.

    • One-month BioVanish™ supply at $59 + small shipping fee
    • Three-month BioVanish™ supply at $49 per jar + small shipping fee
    • Six-month BioVanish™ supply at $39 per jar + free US shipping

    Refund Policy

    The WellMe team is confident in its products and is providing a satisfaction guarantee to this effect. For every jar of BioVanish™ purchased from the official site, the manufacturer is providing a 180-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

    In short, you get to try BioVanish™ for six months, and if you don’t love it or notice any results, the BioVanish™ team will refund every single cent spent on the product. Furthermore, the team will reimburse you even if you have already used up all the products.

    • Email: support@wellme.com

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    Q: How can I be sure BioVanish™ will work?

    A: Clinical and third-party tests conducted on BioVanish™ prove it can support consistent, accelerated weight loss. Testimonials posted on the official website show that users can lose as much as 30 pounds within the first month.

    But while this is the case, the only sure way to know whether it will work is to try it for yourself. Remember, it has a six-month satisfaction guarantee, meaning your money isn’t at risk in any way.

    Q: How much should I order?

    A: The manufacturer recommends buying the six-jar or 180-day package. Per its in-house studies, it takes three to six months for the earlier-mentioned ingredients to work and stabilize your metabolism.

    Therefore, the longer you take the BioVanish™ weight loss supplement, the more benefits you’ll realize.

    Q: What if BioVanish™ is not everything it has been advertised to be?

    A: The BioVanish™ creators are confident in the supplement, so they are adamant that every jar bought today has a money-back guarantee. With it, you’re assured a slimmer waist, increased energy, and better mental clarity. If you don’t notice any change in your health or physique within six months, the BioVanish™ team will refund all your money.

    Q: How long will it take BioVanish™ to work?

    A: It would be best to note that every person’s body is different. As such, the results noticed by every person will vary. There are people who may lose as much as 30 pounds within the first month, with others losing 10, 20 pounds, and so forth.

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