‘Kill this bloated turkey’

I guess we serfs had better learn our place, as our nobles will keep making us vote on the South Kitsap bond measure until we give in. Sorry, lords and ladies, but it’s time to not just kill this bloated turkey, but to replace all the members of the School Board that are pushing it.

First, the $184 million cost (yes, really, $184,000,000 to build a school) of this “white elephant” is insane. Are they using gold bricks? Who profits from this? Second, the centrally-planned, industrial scale, one-size-fits-all educational philosophy behind this monstrosity is a proven failure. The future belongs to small-scale, customized education, tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.

Enough is enough: kill this turkey and retire those who keep insisting on it.

Mark Friedman

Port Orchard