Your neighborhood bakery

Luigi Ferrari comes from a family of bakers.

Luigi Ferrari comes from a family of bakers.

So it was only natural for the Port Orchard man to don an apron and pick up the kitchen tools of the trade.

Ferrari opened Luigi’s Baking on 15th Street in Bremerton about six weeks ago and business could not be better.

“Each week it just seems to get busier and busier,” Ferrari said. “We’ve really kept busy just by the folks in the neighborhood going to and from work.”

Ferrari moved from Michigan to Port Orchard about five years ago and began his baking career in Kitsap County at local farmers markets. He sets up at the Peninsula Farmers Market in Silverdale every Tuesday and the farmers market in Gig Harbor on weekends.

“I hope to add two more markets this summer,” Ferrari said.

When Ferrari and his wife, Amber Maxwell, decided to open a bakery, they agreed that location was key and the couple found the perfect spot on the corner of 15th Street and Callow Avenue in Bremerton.

“We both kind of believe that bakeries belong in neighborhoods,” Ferrari said. “Everyone on their way home from work comes in and grabs a loaf of bread.”

Ferrari said Luigi’s Baking is doing so well, he had to hire people to sell baked goods at the farmers markets because he was so busy at the store.

“We do very well (at the farmers markets). I think I brought home bread from the markets one time, but lots of time whatever we can bake, we can sell,” Ferrari said.

Ferrari bakes mostly rustic breads including Italian, Pugliese and baguettes, but also serves up pastries including scones, cinnamon rolls and croissants.

“I’m really a rustic bread baker — a lot of folks come in and say ‘where are the doughnuts?’” he said.

Ferrari’s family is from rural Italy and he said his aunts used to compete with one another on their baking skills. Ferrari said many of his bread recipes are family favorites.

“I kind of reverse engineer the recipes from the breads of my family,” he said. “I bet I spent four years trying to recreate my family bread recipes with commercial methods.”

Ferrari bakes with organic ingredients and stone milled flours. Luigi’s Baking is one large room, so people coming in to buy bread can get an up close and personal look at Ferrari’s kitchen.

“Folks that come in, come right into the kitchen,” Ferrari said.

As for tables and chairs, there are none to be found at Luigi’s Baking. Ferrari said he does not plan to set up tables and chairs because Luigi’s Baking is “a get-a-loaf-and-go kind of place.”

While Ferrari is the baker for Luigi’s Baking, his wife spends time searching for recipes.

“Baking is mostly my thing,” Ferrari said. “She’s more into finding recipes. She’s on a cookie quest right now.”

Luigi’s Baking will add cookies to the menu soon as well as bread pudding and seasonal breads.

Although Luigi’s Baking has only been open for six weeks, Ferrari said he’s quickly acquired a group of followers and enjoys the family business of baking.

“There’s lots of wannabe bakers who all want to come in and bake with me at night,” he said. “It’s been a lot of fun, it’s a lot more fun everyday.”