Slow economy not stopping Café Noir owners

The tough economy isn’t stopping Mike and Elaine Ferrin from going after what they want.

The tough economy isn’t stopping Mike and Elaine Ferrin from going after what they want.

“The economy being so slow, everybody’s afraid and, believe me, I’m afraid too,” Mike Ferrin said.

The couple opened Café Noir in the Amish Touch building behind Target in Silverdale Oct. 7.

Ferrin, a former general contractor, said he and his wife love coffee and just decided to go for it.

“We would go to different coffee shops and we thought it’d be good to own our own place or have a place to call our own,” Ferrin said.

The Tracyton couple operated Café Rivista in Silverdale for a few months and thought about taking over that coffee shop, but it didn’t work out.

The Ferrins then asked Amish Touch owners Dan and Deb Crook about the space for lease in their building and decided it’d be a good spot for a coffee shop.

Ferrin said business is slowly picking up and the coffee shop serves a lot of seniors who live in the senior housing units behind them as well as Central Kitsap High School students who stop in after school.

“We’ve got a big variety of people,” Ferrin said.

Café Noir serves up all kinds of espresso drinks, italian sodas, chai and other beverages. Ferrin said they offer everything Starbuck’s does, but at a cheaper price.

The Ferrins are trying to keep their products local too. Majestic Mountain Coffee in Kingston supplies their coffee.

Café Noir focuses primarily on drinks and only serves a few sandwiches, soups and salads.

“I don’t make hamburgers or french fries. I figure McDonald’s has got the market cornered on that,” Ferrin said. “We’re a quaint, little coffee shop with just a couple sandwiches.”

Café Noir has free WiFi and a room in the back for groups to have meetings and gatherings. Ferrin said people are more than welcome to just come hang out at the coffee shop anytime.

“If I got the space, they’re more than welcome to it,” he said. “There’s no pressure to buy anything. If you come in and want a glass of water, I’ll give it to you.”

Now through Nov. 13, Café Noir is offering $1 off espresso drinks from 5:30-7:30 a.m.

“I’m hoping to get more people to stop first thing in the morning,” Ferrin said. “We just want to make a decent cup of coffee and have a place for people to unwind.”

Café Noir is located at 3261 NW Mount Vintage Way.