Fresh fruits and veggies at your door

Silverdale family opens organic foods business.


Staff writer

Many families struggle to find time to make it to the grocery store.

But Dale and Aimee King, of Silverdale, will ease that dilemma and deliver fresh fruits and veggies right to your doorstep.

Dale and Aimee started their home-based business, Wildly Organic, in September. The couple worked with a co-op group in the organic foods industry since May 2006, but recently decided to start their own business.

“Working as a co-op, resources were limited, time was limited, so creating our own business made sense,” Aimee said.

Dale and Aimee ran into health problems early on in their marriage and began eating organic foods. The healthy foods greatly helped and the couple became firm believers in organic fruits and vegetables.

“We were finding out that we had food allergies and realizing that not all food is created equally,” Dale said. “It’s really been a journey.”

Dale and Aimee offer weekly produce paks filled with more than a dozen organic fruits and vegetables. Wildly Organic will tailor a pak to fit a family’s individual needs and includes recipes on its Web site on ways to use the organic goodies.

“It’s important that we give people things they’re going to use,” Aimee said.

Wildly Organic gets the fruits and vegetables from various farms including several in Washington and Oregon. The produce is then delivered to their Silverdale home. The Kings have turned their garage into a warehouse of organic goods. Wildly Organic is certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, a USDA organization.

“Basically the garage is our warehouse,” Dale said. “Our typical American garage has been converted into a processing facility.”

Dale and Aimee keep the fruits and vegetables cool until delivery and they are the only ones who handle the products.

“It’s incredibly fresh. It’s only unpacked by us and then it’s kept cold until delivery,” Aimee said. “We take our time to make sure our paks look nice and make sure your produce is well cared for.”

The Kings pack the colorful oranges, apples, lettuce and pomegranates in blue containers. They take extra care to ensure the paks look good and will withstand the delivery trip.

“We’re giving them a bouquet of produce basically,” Dale said.

Dale delivers the paks of organic goods door-to-door in some areas of Kitsap County and hopes to expand their delivery routes in the future.

“We do door-to-door deliveries in Central Kitsap and Poulsbo proper,” Dale said. “When it goes to outlying areas we have neighborhood drop sites.”

The paks cost $35 a week and people can sign up by e-mailing Dale or calling Wildly Organic. Dale and Aimee said the cost is similar to what you would pay in a grocery store, but families are saving their gas money and time by receiving Wildly Organic products.

“It’s price comparable, but you don’t have to go to the store to get it,” Aimee said.

Aside from running their own business, Dale and Aimee have six children. It’s rare to see a child eat fruits and vegetables, but the King children love the organic foods and will eat them throughout the day.

“Our kids love vegetables,” Dale said with a smile. “My 1-year-old will scarf down broccoli.”

Dale, Aimee and their family have been eating organic foods for many years and hope other Kitsap County families will indulge in organic fruits and veggies.

“We’ve seen its benefits firsthand and will never go back to other vegetables,” Aimee said.

Wildly Organic

2916 NW Bucklin Hill Road, Suite 241


(360) 307-8500