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Woody’s Hot Dogs and Espresso opens in Kitsap Mall.


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Hot dogs and espresso are an unlikely combination.

But Tom Gall and his girlfriend, Lana Tapscott, have found that the odd pair draws big business in Kitsap County.

Gall and Tapscott opened Woody’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Espresso earlier this month near the children’s play area in Kitsap Mall in Silverdale. The couple opened their first Woody’s Chicago Style in 2003 in Lowe’s in Bremerton.

“When Lowe’s moved to their new store in East Bremerton there was no service out there,” Gall said.

Gall and Tapscott are franchisees with Woody’s Chicago Style and now have a few hot dog and espresso stands throughout Kitsap County. The Bremerton couple said they decided to open the business to set an example for their five children.

“Between us we have five children and they needed some career uplift and we thought this was a good chance to give them entrepreneurial leadership,” Gall said.

Woody’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Espresso sells hot dogs, polish sausages, bratwurst and all of the toppings to create a delicious hot dog. Gall said the product turned out to be a hit with customers.

“It turned out to be a terrific product because people loved the 100 percent beef vienna sausage,” he said. “It tastes like eating steak. People like this quality of hot dog, you just can’t get this quality of product anywhere around here.”

Woody’s Chicago Style also offers various types of espresso, coffee drinks, hot chocolate and hot tea. Because the area is overflowing with espresso stands, Gall said they decided to do something different and pair the drinks with the hot dogs and sausages.

“There is so much competition with all the little espresso stands that you have to do something different,” Gall said.

Gall and Tapscott said customers seem to like having Woody’s Chicago Style near the play area in Kitsap Mall as opposed to the food court.

“We’ve had a steady line out this door,” Gall said. “It’s really been a good spot for us.”

Gall and Tapscott enjoy running the hot dog and espresso stands together and hope to open more locations throughout Kitsap County.

“I like spending as much time with this young lady as possible,” Gall said with a smile. “We’ve got intentions to go into the new Lowe’s store in Port Orchard and any of the other (Lowe’s) stores that get built.”

Gall said he also is hiring more employees for each of the Woody’s Chicago Style Hot Dog and Espresso stand locations. Visit Woody’s Bremerton location on the corner of Sixth Street and Naval Avenue or call (360) 373-2703 for more information.

Woody’s Chicago Style is a 17-year-old franchise that has slowly dominated 14 Western states. It began in the early 1980s in Honolulu.

Woody’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Espresso

Near play area in Kitsap Mall