Bremerton Bottling Company is now Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages

BREMERTON — After more than 70 years, Bremerton Bottling Company has changed its name to Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages to reflect its growing beverage and food product lines, and to further embrace the region the company has served for generations.

Formerly a division of Bremerton Fuel & Ice, Bremerton Bottling Company was purchased by local businessmen Paul F. Glaser and Lee Aughnay in 1944. Over the years, the company has maintained local leadership and grown to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. Carole Aughnay is the third-generation owner, following in her father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. She became president in 1995.

“With the addition of new beverage lines, including craft beer and snacks to our well-established Pepsi distribution network, we believe [the name] Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages captures the variety and spirit of the products that we offer, from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to the Hood Canal Bridge,” Aughnay said in an announcement of the change.

The name change to Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages is immediate, though vehicle logos and other materials will be changed over the coming weeks.

“So far, we have had a positive response to Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages from our employees and customers,” Aughnay said. “They understand Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages is the same team, same location and same commitment to excellence.”

Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages distributes Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Starbucks, Gatorade, SOBE and Lipton tea products, in addition to a variety of other soft drinks, bottled water, energy drinks and coffee.

Bridge 2 Bridge offers organic options as well, and recently added craft beer to its lineup. The company will be offering wine and spirits in the near future.

Snack offerings include chips, ramen noodles, gums and mints, pop tarts, candy and cookies.

“Our goal at Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages is to be part of every family gathering providing beverages and snacks,” Aughnay said.

The company has been a partner or sponsor of Bremerton’s annual Armed Forces Day Parade, the Kitsap County Fair and Rodeo, and Whaling Days in Silverdale.

Bridge 2 Bridge Beverages has 70 employees and is at 5210 First St., Bremerton.