Best Online Therapy Programs & Virtual Counseling Platforms 2024

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Psychotherapy that takes place via the internet is known as online therapy. Instead of meeting in person, services can be provided over the phone, via video conferencing, or text. Since it meets a real need, the sector has risen dramatically over the last decade. According to research, 70% of individuals do not have conventional, in-office therapy access. However, even if you work odd hours, have children, don’t have dependable transportation, or don’t have health insurance, internet counseling has made psychiatric care more inexpensive and accessible. Mental health is more crucial than it has ever been. Fortunately, there are now more materials available than ever before. Today, many websites provide both free and paid internet treatment.

Several top online counseling websites provide actual, tailored treatment for persons with various mental health difficulties. To establish which online counseling services are the finest, we polled over 100 people from each of the 33 firms we investigated, then submitted extensive questionnaires to the companies to learn more about them. The firms that came out on top in our reviews are listed below. Working with a mental health specialist via online therapy allows you to work with them at a convenient time. Online counseling links you to a professional who works with you via text, live video conferencing, message, or phone conversations and is designed to make psychological healthcare more accessible.

Teletherapy services have made psychotherapy more accessible and easier than ever before. People of all ethnicities seeking psychological and psychiatric therapy can use these platforms to acquire support. In fact, according to a YouGov study of more than 1,200 U.S. adults conducted for Forbes Health, 21% of Americans have used a teletherapy service in the previous year. An astounding 63 percent of people who have utilized a service felt it to be an effective type of treatment.

Virtual therapy is more convenient, but it is also frequently less expensive than in-person appointments. Furthermore, you control how you connect with an online counselor, giving you additional possibilities for developing a therapeutic relationship. Psychotherapy services are among the most regularly utilized telehealth services across the country, according to Kathryn Esquer, PsyD, the creator of Teletherapist Network, a professional association for certified therapists practicing online treatment.

We reached out to online treatment firms, tested systems, conducted user interviews, and logged hundreds of study hours. Here are the most effective online counseling programs available today. To assist you in making your decision, we’ve examined the most popular online counseling platforms and rated them based on several criteria to help you select the best treatment service for your requirements.

The Top 10 Best Online Therapy Programs

  • ReGain
  • Better Help
  • Cerebral
  • Talk Space
  • Teen Counseling
  • Online Therapy
  • MDLive
  • 7Cups
  • Pride Counseling
  • Doctor on Demand


It’s essential to find a professional counselor who is experienced in dealing with relationship difficulties when you require couples therapy. As a result, ReGain is the best online treatment for couples according to our selection criteria. Psychologists licensed marital and family therapists, clinical social workers, and professional counselors are qualified to practice in the United States. An automatic system will pair you with a therapist after receiving your responses to the questionnaire you filled out. Two people can share a single account and simultaneously engage in live sessions with a therapist. An individual session is organized if a client feels the need to communicate with the therapist privately. The lack of three-way live sessions means that both spouses must be in the same room to speak with the therapist and get real-time feedback.

ReGain provides professional counseling from therapists who are licensed in their fields. It is accessible to individuals and couples at any time and location. Make a brief evaluation and encourage your companion to join you in it (optional). Then, you’ll be paired with the most appropriate therapist. According to the company, ReGain uses the world’s most extensive network of certified, qualified, and experienced therapists to assist with various challenges. ReGain also provides multiple communication options with your therapist, including texting, phone, and video calls. With ReGain, you can choose a therapist that will meet your needs as soon as possible, regardless of how you feel comfortable addressing your difficulties.

Better Help

Better Help is one of the most well-known counseling programs available on the internet, and it is free. Individual, couple, and adolescent therapy are available on the internet now. By providing the world’s most extensive network of certified, accredited, and experienced therapists, Better Help separates itself from the rest of the pack of services. This group of therapists has hands-on expertise with clients navigating problems such as depression and anxiety and relationships, trauma, grieving, and other difficulties.

The Better Help online therapy program is the finest available on the internet if you want the same professionalism and quality as an in-person appointment with a therapist. More than 100,000 certified therapists are available via BetterHelp, which also features an intuitive interface. It’s simple to switch therapists or discontinue your treatment plan. In addition, the firm gives financial support to those who qualify for such aid. BetterHelp offers access to over 12,000 licensed, accredited counselors and has years of expertise. The film succeeds in matching therapists to your specific requirements and preferences.

Anxiety, depression, marital issues, parenting, addiction, grieving, eating disorders, life transitions, and religion are topics that BetterHelp’s certified psychologists, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists are trained to help with.

BetterHelp also provides counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. Video conferencing, text messaging, live chat, and phone calls are all used to conduct sessions with your therapist, as are exchanging messages. Live sessions are top-rated among users, with many stating that it is the reason they picked BetterHelp. Following completing a questionnaire and creating an account, a computer program will match you with a therapist who is a good fit for your requirements. This usually takes approximately 24 hours, and you always have the option of selecting a new counselor if you don’t like your current one.

BetterHelp does not accept insurance; therefore, you will need to pay for counseling sessions out of cash. Financial aid is available to those who qualify, and you have the option to discontinue your membership at any time without penalty. The website and smartphone application are straightforward to use. You may use texting, live chat, phone calls, and video conferencing to communicate with your therapist. There is financial assistance available.


Anxiety, sadness, sleeplessness, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are all addressed by Cerebral’s skilled staff. Cerebral is unique in that you may have online prescriber visits, care counseling, and medications delivered to your home for as little as $30 per month for the first month of membership. Following your first sign-up for Cerebral, you will get a one-year membership plan for improved psychological well-being. Regular evaluations, video and phone sessions with your prescriber, medication monitoring, and drug delivery are all included in this monthly subscription package. Your membership fee includes everything you need. You may also use your FSA/HSA funds to pay for Cerebral at any time, without penalty.

Cerebral is a mental health subscription platform that gives consumers complete access to online treatment and prescription management for anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness, among other mental health conditions. The corporation charges monthly flat fees for access to medical specialists, care counselors, and certified therapists. Internet-based mental health services, such as Cerebral, lower the barriers to mental health care and democratize access to mental health care. Because of its one-stop-shop strategy, the organization is on a mission to expand access to high-quality mental health treatment. Those with busy schedules will appreciate how easy connecting with a care team is via their telemedicine approach.

Certificate, also known as getting Cerebral, was created in 2019 and is an online mental health platform that offers medication management and counseling services. Depending on the demands of the user, many plans are offered. Cerebral provides accessible and readily available mental health services to anyone needing assistance. The medications are available at a reasonable price. Customers may get coverage and reimbursements via the company’s collaboration with insurance firms. Cerebral is a service provided to persons not covered by medical insurance. It is possible to use them with a flexible spending account or a health savings account.

Talk Space

Talk Space is a web-based therapy platform that allows you to begin immediately, be matched with the most appropriate counselor instantly, and communicate with your therapist at any time. Complete a brief, 60-second online evaluation, and you will be connected with a therapist who is a good fit for your requirements. You may choose from various levels of assistance depending on your therapeutic requirements and financial constraints and then begin counseling immediately.

Talk Space research showed that participants saw more clinically meaningful improvement after eight weeks of utilizing the platform than they would have had with a traditional face–to–face treatment program. Talk Space users reported clinically significant changes after eight weeks; however, just 25 percent of face-to-face users noted the same degree of improvement. Many communication platforms, as well as therapeutic choices and customizable subscription plans, are available via Talkspace. The organization can also prescribe medicine and take insurance, which is a huge plus! Because of its large number of certified therapists and a diverse range of membership options, Talkspace is the finest online therapy provider.

Following your registration, you will be required to complete an evaluation and choose a payment plan. Afterward, a consultation therapist will pair you up with several different therapists for further evaluation. Whichever one best suits your requirements will be chosen by you. Within a few days, you’ll be able to start working with them. Depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and relationship troubles are some of the ailments or concerns therapists may help with.

Additionally, they provide services for couples and teenagers and individual counseling services. Aside from that, Talkspace Psychiatry provides customized psychiatric therapy and medication administration with the supervision of a qualified doctor. Talkspace’s subscription plans range from $69 per week to $129 per week, depending on the chosen package. Text messages, video messages, voice messages, and live sessions are all included in these packages.

A common source of irritation among customers is the need to sign up for a whole month of services, which means that if you cancel early, you will still be charged for the entire month. For an initial examination, psychiatry treatments cost $249, with follow-up appointments costing $120 each. Your eligibility for coverage may be determined by whether or not you have an employee assistance program (EAP) with mental health insurance. Consult with your employer first before proceeding.

The availability of your therapist is unaffected by time or place. Compared to face-to-face encounters, you may find texting to be more comfortable. Biannual or quarterly payments are eligible for savings at Talkspace.

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling is a network of 11,000 certified therapists dedicated to assisting teenagers in their development. Teen Counseling is a professional counseling service that adolescents may access by text, phone, and video chat after enrolling. You’ll be working with qualified, licensed, and thoroughly screened therapists. Bullying, trauma, sadness, anxiety, and relationships are just a few of the concerns that Teen Counseling therapists specialize in when working with adolescents.

Teens might benefit from the experience of working with an in-office therapist at a lesser cost. Adolescent counseling is an excellent resource for teenagers and their parents and guardians. Therapists that specialize in finding answers to concerns and encouraging positive changes may be found on the platform, according to the company.

A unique online platform for kids between the ages of 13 and 19 is available via Teen Counseling. A professional therapist present in a “private” therapy room may conduct live chats, telephone conversations, video conferences, and messaging sessions. Anxiety, stress, sadness, bullying, and eating disorders are concerns that therapists might address during therapy sessions. The therapist is responsible for reporting abuse and determining whether or not the adolescent is a threat to themselves or others in this room, even if parents do not have access to it.

A qualified counselor will be assigned to each child when the parent completes the registration procedure. For your teenager to access their private room, they will be given a code to enter. A week’s stay will cost you anything between $60 and $90. In most cases, services provided via this website are not covered by health insurance plans or other financial assistance.

Online Therapy

When you use online therapy, you may find and speak with an experienced, licensed professional in less than a minute. To assist patients in feeling better, Online Therapy was introduced in 2009. Today, the website includes professional counseling services, worksheets, live sessions, exercise regimens, yoga, and other personalized possibilities. Any device from any location in the globe may be used to access online therapy services immediately. If you want to keep track of your progress, you may log into the Online Therapy platform at any time. You will find everything you need to continue your treatment program on that internet site. To get started, we’ll conduct a quick survey.

Online Therapy is an excellent resource for self-improvement when treating various mental health disorders and habits. Online Therapy is an excellent resource for self-improvement since it employs cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Yoga, meditation, and worksheets are all part of the treatment plan.” CBT is the foundation of all that Online Therapy does. This technique is a top choice among experts in treating several mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, alcohol, drug troubles, eating disorders, and phobias.

Behavioral therapy (CBT) assists you in identifying, challenging, and overcoming negative or unhelpful thinking and developing behavior adjustments that allow you to think and behave more constructively. Online Therapy uses a toolbox of materials, including worksheets, an online diary, a 30-minute weekly live chat with your therapist, and texting. Several customers have expressed worry that therapists are only accessible Monday through Friday for 8 hours each day, instead of other websites that provide Help around the clock.

Price varies from $39.95 to $79.95 a week, depending on your plan. However, new members will get a 20 percent discount on their first month’s payments if they do not have insurance coverage. The CBT training is delivered to you online. In terms of usability, both the app and the website are suitable. Sheets with daily comments from your therapist are sent to you as part of your treatment plan.


MDLive offers board-certified physicians and licensed therapists that deliver quick and hassle-free healthcare services. A three-step method on MDLive allows you to take care of stress, anxiety, and other worries with ease. Establish an account, book an appointment, and you’ll be on your way to feeling great. MDLive is our preferred provider since there are no hidden fees or additional expenditures. It’s a simplistic platform that makes healthcare simple and accessible to all individuals. MDLive offers specialists in various specialties, including urgent care (with prices ranging from $0 to $82) and mental health treatment (from $0 to $284). Depending on your insurance coverage, you may consult with a dermatologist through MDLive for as little as $0 to $95.

Another advantage of MDLive is the availability of a mobile application. The MDLive mobile application makes it simple to communicate with a healthcare expert from any location anytime. MDLive offers therapy with a psychiatrist, allows you to choose your therapist, and gives low-cost medicines for those who qualify for them. MDLive, a complete telemedicine platform, offers a component dedicated to providing psychiatric treatments to its customers. A board-certified psychiatrist oversees the division’s psychiatric services, including counseling and prescription management. Anxiety, addiction, depression, bipolar illness, PTSD and trauma, panic disorders, grieving, and loss are among conditions that MDLive may assist with.

It takes around 15 minutes to create an account with MDLive.com. Upon registering with the site, you will be able to go through their psychiatrist’s database and choose the most appropriate one for you. When you’re ready to arrange an appointment, you may pick from various options, including secure online video, phone consultations, and the MDLive app. MDLive does not provide a service that is available on a subscription basis. A psychiatrist’s initial visit will cost you $284, and each subsequent appointment will cost you $108 each.

For an additional $108 for each session, the platform provides mental health therapy with a qualified therapist. Using this function will be beneficial if you need to shift from seeing a psychiatrist to continuing therapy sessions. An appointment for urgent care costs $82, while a dermatological visit costs $95. The amount of money you spend out of pocket may be less if you have health insurance and your plan covers mental health care. Access to a doctor is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Members can save up to 85% on prescription drugs. Certain businesses provide the MDLive service as part of their group benefits package.


7Cups has a staff of counselors and listeners on standby to give free emotional support to anybody who needs it. All of the other online counseling programs available are for a fee. You make a monetary contribution and then chat with a professional. In contrast, 7Cups is entirely free: you may speak with volunteer listeners at any time for no charge, and you can obtain assistance in online support groups. 7Cups also offers premium subscriptions. For $150 a month, you can get discreet online therapy and counseling from certified therapists and counselors.

7Cups has assisted more than 25 million individuals, thanks to 180 licensed therapists and more than 300,000 trained listeners. You may choose from various choices, including free online treatment and premium memberships, at 7Cups. 7 Cups is our top selection for inexpensive online treatment since it provides free sessions and a low-cost monthly subscription. Counseling, emotional support, and peer support are available via the site. 7 Cups is one of the most extensive emotional support systems globally. Thanks to its affordable online treatment, free 24/7 emotional support, and chat rooms with individuals who understand what you’re going through.

Addiction, anxiety, bipolar illness, depression, family, grieving, parenting, drug abuse, and trauma are just a few of the specialties and areas of competence available. It costs $150 a month to get online therapy and counseling from a licensed therapist, much less than other online therapy platforms. In addition, 7 Cups provides free emotional support and the opportunity to chat with a trained volunteer (not a certified psychotherapist) about any issues. This choice is ideal for giving assistance and assisting you in making connections with services.

If you want more in-depth therapy, you may consider signing up for a premium subscription plan with a certified therapist. Following creating an account, you will be able to select between the free version and a paid membership. If you choose the trained volunteer option, which is entirely free, you will have instant access to the site. The subscription option necessitates collecting additional information to match you with the most appropriate therapist. The services provided by this website are often not covered by health insurance. The “freemium” business model is popular among users. You will not be charged for speaking with a qualified volunteer. Users may communicate with one another in a free group chat session provided by the service.

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling is a professional counseling service for members of the LGBTQ community. It is possible to connect with a qualified therapist who specializes in the LGBTQ community via the Pride Counseling app, available online or through an iOS or Android app. You may message your Pride Counseling therapist anytime you want, and they will work with you to plan sessions that are convenient for you. As a leading provider of online counseling services to members of the LGBTQ community, Pride Counseling makes it simple for anybody to seek the care they need. People of every gender, sexual orientation, and identity can participate in the online treatment program.

Pride Counseling links you with an LGBTQ-inclusive therapist and provides a safe, supportive environment for LGBTQ persons seeking mental health treatment. Regarding mental health concerns, therapists at Pride Counseling are aware that the LGBTQ population is disproportionately affected, and they want to make aid more available to everyone. You will be paired with a counselor who meets your goals, preferences, and the nature of the challenges you are dealing with when you join up. Although all of their counselors have a specialization in assisting the LGBTQ population, each counselor has a unique approach and areas of concentration.

This professional’s competence covers anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, family problems, relationships, and eating disorders. Psychologists, licensed marital and family therapists, clinical social workers, and professional counselors are all therapists qualified to practice in the United States. Video conferencing, phone conferences, live chat, and message exchanges tools to conduct counseling sessions with your therapist.

A week’s stay will cost you anything between $60 and $90. In most cases, the services provided by this website are not covered by medical insurance. Almost all counselors have prior experience working with and a passion for the LGBTQ community. You can reread any written communications that have been exchanged between you and your counselor. Using the app and the website is a breeze.

Doctor on Demand

Medical professionals are available on-demand to assist you in feeling better at any time of day or night. You may speak with a board-certified doctor or an online therapist in minutes, anytime. Another option is to use an online medical platform accessible during regular business hours. Unlike traditional medical practices, Doctor on Demand is available anytime, including weekends and holidays. Doctors are available to see patients within minutes of their call.

The doctor provides a complete virtual health care service on demand. It is also a covered benefit for over 98 million Americans insured by their health insurance plan or employer. When you sign up and verify your coverage, you can look forward to receiving individualized care for your body and your spirit. We recommend Doctor on Demand to consumers who want to do single sessions rather than signing up for a monthly or yearly subscription service.

Psychologist and psychiatrist services are made available via the platform. You may also connect with a healthcare expert for health and wellness checks.

Unsure if you want to sign up for an annual plan? Nothing to be concerned about! Licensed psychiatrists and therapists provide single video chat sessions with qualified mental health specialists via the Doctor on Demand platform.

In addition, Doctor on Demand takes insurance coverage. See whether your insurance carrier has accepted the plan you’ve proposed. Registered providers have an average of 15 years or more in the industry. Patients’ preferred pharmacies might be ordered by their psychiatrists. There is no need to subscribe.

How We Ranked Top Online Therapy Platforms

Choosing the Therapists

Ideally, work with a mental health platform with many certified counselors, therapists, and even social workers on staff. Because the site has a large variety, it may match you with someone who shares your interests, making for a great first date.

Another significant benefit is the great number of therapists available. Thousands of patients are served by many online counseling sites every day. Overworked therapists are less likely to be engaged and deliver high-quality mental health care. A platform that does not overload its therapists with too many live sessions or patients is more likely to provide better overall treatment.


You’re undoubtedly concerned about the expense of therapy while looking for an online therapy program. Some of the biggest online treatment platforms have recently agreed with health insurance companies to take insurance and monies from HSAs and other savings accounts. Others give financial assistance to ensure that everyone has access to mental health care.

It’s worth noting that, depending on the number of video sessions each week, the cheapest online treatment cost of a monthly membership is still generally more inexpensive than an in-person therapist. We sought online counseling systems that provided the best value for money, either through substantial FAQs and knowledge bases in addition to online sessions or by being less expensive than their competitors.

Methods of Communication

The most effective online counseling systems provide a variety of communication options. Video or live chats are akin to in-person treatment, although most platforms limit these sessions to a few per month. Unlimited text or email messaging, where you utilize a dedicated chat room to communicate with your therapist anytime you want, is the most prevalent communication mode given by online counseling companies.

The best way to communicate with your therapist online is what works best for you. Individuals who suffer from social anxiety may find video and voice messaging unsettling and prefer a text-based approach. Others choose video therapy since they don’t enjoy waiting for a text or email answer.

Concern-Based Custom Matching

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you should speak with an online therapist specializing in assisting patients with stress management. The top online counseling services employ dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of therapists specializing in various fields, making it simple to choose the right therapist for your specific issue.

The Therapist-Matching Process

Almost all online therapy programs begin with a questionnaire that collects your basic information, the nature of your mental health issue, your present position, and any therapist recommendations you may have. In other cases, the site will utilize an algorithm to choose a licensed therapist from various candidates without seeking your feedback. Others will allow you to pick your therapist based on their qualifications and expertise.

The Online Counselor Should Fit Your Needs

Chan advises that you ensure it’s the correct fit, like any product. Are the clinicians, for example, culturally sensitive and customized to your needs? Are they able to communicate in your native tongue? Have they received training and certification from reputable mental health organizations and institutions?

Look for Qualifications and Experience

You should also evaluate a provider’s years of experience on an online counseling platform. You should look for a service provider with a lot of expertise. Online counseling necessitates a unique set of skills. As a result, your service provider must have a lot of knowledge.

Accredited, Licensed, Board-Certified Therapists

Only licensed, recognized, and board-certified therapists are used in the top online counseling programs. Let’s say you’re looking for genuine, professional internet counseling. In that scenario, you’ll want a website that employs licensed, accredited, and board-certified experts, such as a Ph.D., PsyD, LMFT, LCSW/LMSW, or licensed professional counselor (LPC).

Value and Price

Although online counseling is not free, it is usually less expensive than in-person counseling. Online counseling programs cost between $50 to $200 each week, with one session per week. Some online counseling programs provide monthly charges as well as other services. We favored online therapy programs that gave good value for the money, but we didn’t prefer a specific price range. You should expect premium services if you pay for a premium online therapy platform. If you’re obtaining internet treatment for a low price, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality.

What Is The Process Of Online Therapy?

Online therapy, commonly referred to as teletherapy, is a method of communicating with a qualified mental health practitioner via the phone or computer rather than in person. Message (similar to text or email), live chat, phone calls, and video chat are all standard methods of communication.

In numerous respects, online counseling varies from in-person therapy. Typically, online therapists do not offer mental health diagnoses such as “generalized anxiety disorder” or “ADHD.” However, as online psychiatry and medication management services have risen in popularity in recent years, this is changing. In some circumstances, online treatment may not fulfill the standards for “court-ordered therapy.”

The cost of internet treatment services varies depending on the platform. Depending on the degree of expertise, some therapists charge a fixed price for each session, ranging from $99 to $179.

Other platforms that provide various communication options demand a weekly subscription that includes all services. These costs typically vary from $50 to $100 each week and are invoiced every month. Online therapy websites connect you with a therapist based on your issue and other variables. Some take your demographics into account and aim to match you with a therapist who shares your demographics. Others are more concerned with pairing you with the best physician for your particular mental health issue.

Individuals only have access to some online counseling programs. Others are designed for couples, teenagers, or children. You may discover generic online counseling programs to assist people with depression, anxiety, and other severe mental health issues. Specialized online counseling programs for persons with various religious backgrounds are also available. You may also look for online counseling schools that specialize in LGBTQ treatment.

What Can Online Therapy Help With?

There are several advantages to using internet counseling. Some folks prefer not to have to drive to an appointment. Others value that they don’t have to worry about finding childcare or taking time off work.

Whether you have access to transportation or work odd hours, online treatment is convenient, economical, and accessible no matter where you reside. Furthermore, many online counseling services allow you to contact your therapist regularly, whereas most in-person appointments take place just once a week.

Almost anybody seeking emotional assistance can benefit from online counseling. Stress management, anxiety, despair, marital challenges, trauma, sleep disorders, and drug misuse are common online topics. Some online therapy organizations operate on a subscription model. You pay a monthly fee for several services, such as emailing a therapist or participating in a video therapy session. Subscriptions are frequently less expensive, especially if you do not have adequate health insurance coverage.

Monthly subscription-based online treatment charges varied from $60 to over $600 per month, depending on the package, the number of live sessions with a therapist, professional qualifications, and your geographic location, among the 33 firms we looked at (usually determined by your IP address).

Other internet treatment businesses use a standard pay-per-therapy-session strategy. Depending on your therapist’s education and experience; however, your geographic location may also play a factor. Pay-per-session online treatment is more expensive than subscription-based online therapy, but it is still less costly than in-person counseling.

Multiple therapists with various backgrounds and expertise are frequently found in online counseling programs. You should be able to discover a trained online therapist to fit your requirements, whether you’re looking for help with anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, anger management, or depression.

The following are some of the problems that you might be able to address with internet therapy:

  • Management of rage
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety disorders are a type of anxiety condition.
  • Bipolar disorders are a kind of bipolar disorder.
  • Counseling for couples
  • Conflicts in interpersonal relationships

Benefits Of Online Therapy

Since you might contact a therapist electronically, the procedure is more flexible and time-efficient than traditional treatment. If you live in a rural region or have a job or commitment that makes arranging sessions during business hours difficult, treatment is more accessible.

Online counseling is private, and you may communicate with your therapist using whatever mode suits you best. It’s also usually less expensive than in-person counseling, mainly since more insurance companies cover telehealth services.

Online counseling provides clear benefits, such as cheaper costs. It also provides some less visible benefits, like offering treatment to everyone in need, 24 hours a day, in distant places.

Here are some of our favorite advantages of online therapy:

24/7 Availability

Even the finest therapist in the world can’t be accessible around the clock, seven days a week. On the other hand, online counseling programs are available day or night. Some of the most popular online counseling programs offer a network of tens of thousands of therapists in various time zones, allowing you to obtain treatment at any time of day.

Qualified, Licensed, and Board-certified Therapists

Online therapists aren’t just anybody. They’re highly qualified experts with master’s degrees and board certifications. Professional, licensed, board-certified therapists are available in all excellent online treatment programs, just like the ones you’d find in a physical clinic.

Help in Minutes

Some online counseling programs allow you to speak with a therapist in a few minutes. Whether you’re facing a mental health crisis or just need someone to talk to right now, an excellent online counseling program may help you get the care you need as soon as possible.

Privacy and Confidentiality

It’s just you, your device, and your therapist with online therapy. Nobody needs to know where you’re going, why you’re unavailable at a particular time, or why you were seen in a specific doctor’s office. You can expect more anonymity and privacy than you would from a traditional service.

Scientific Evidence For Online Therapy

Online treatment has been proved to be just as beneficial as in-person counseling in studies. According to several pieces of research, internet therapy is more effective and faster than in-person counseling. Below, we’ll go through some of the research on online treatment.

For example, researchers found that internet treatment was just as beneficial as in-person therapy for treating anxiety and depression in a 2014 study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.

Researchers discovered that online cognitive behavior therapy was just as beneficial as in-person treatment in a recent study. Patients with severe depression, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder showed similar outcomes when researchers compared the effectiveness of online therapy to in-person treatment.

In 2020, one of the most comprehensive research on internet treatment was released. Researchers looked at 17 online and in-person trials to see how effective cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), also known as electronic cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), was administered. Researchers discovered that eCBT is “at least as successful as face-to-face CBT,” which is why patients and therapists should use it.

Similar findings were observed in a 2016 investigation. Researchers looked at three types of studies and found that online therapy is “clinically effective” and that the therapist and the patient bond “appears to be unaffected by the change in venue.”

For different reasons, some clinicians have opposed internet counseling. Therapists may find it challenging to provide online treatment, according to research published in 2021. Therapists, for example, have a hard time adhering to state and federal regulations. Most states require therapists to be licensed in that state to give treatment to citizens of that state. The therapist cannot practice nationally unless they are licensed in all 50 states. This can give internet therapists headaches that they don’t have with in-person treatment.

Online Therapy FAQs

Q. Is Online Therapy Effective?

A: Yes, studies demonstrate that internet counseling can be helpful for a variety of mental health issues. Despite the limits of the internet medium, it can be equally as successful as in-person treatment in some cases. However, it’s crucial to note that while internet therapy is an excellent alternative to traditional techniques, it doesn’t function well for those who have severe mental illnesses like suicidal thoughts or psychosis.

Q. Who is the best candidate for online therapy?

A: Teletherapy is an excellent option for persons who enjoy a variety of communication forms and are comfortable communicating and disclosing personal information via technology. A peaceful, secluded space, a working gadget, and a dependable internet connection are required. Anxiety, sadness, and OCD all have mild to moderate symptoms that can be treated with online treatment. It may also aid in treating chronic pain, panic disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Online therapy is also suitable for people who:

  • feel more at ease in their surroundings
  • owing to a handicap or health issue, they are unable to leave their house
  • a lack of transportation
  • reside in a rural or isolated location
  • a hectic or ever-changing schedule
  • looking for a low-cost therapeutic alternative

While text therapy might be beneficial, it isn’t suitable for everyone. Some individuals miss having face-to-face conversations, while others prefer to be outside.

Psychosis, suicidal intent, or an emergency scenario are not appropriate candidates for online counseling.

Q. What is the cost of online therapy?

A: The fees of internet counseling services might vary significantly. Some suppliers, for example, charge more than $350 per month for live video meetings, while others only charge $150 per month for messaging services. The amount you are charged will often be determined by the modalities you use, the number of sessions you have each month, and even your location. Psychiatric and pharmaceutical management treatments are frequently charged separately.

Before committing to a plan, make sure you examine all of your alternatives to see which one is the best match for you and see whether your job or health insurance provider has benefits that can help you with the cost of sessions.

Q.Are the therapists on the site licensed?

A: According to the American Psychological Association (APA), some websites advertise their services as therapy, but those claims may be incorrect or misleading because some therapists are not properly licensed. According to the American Psychological Association, in some jurisdictions, the words “therapist” and “psychotherapist” are not “legally protected,” which means that someone who advertises themselves as a therapist may not be licensed. Many internet counseling companies tout the fact that their therapists are licensed.

Q: Is it possible for an online therapist to give medications?

A: Some internet counseling platforms enable therapists to prescribe drugs such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds. Other online counseling programs don’t have this feature.

The Top 10 Best Online Therapy Programs Summary

With no resolution in sight for the COVID epidemic, internet treatment has emerged as a viable option to face-to-face counseling. The sheer number of platforms that provide mental health services demonstrates that many individuals require these services’ support and assistance. The majority of the internet platforms we looked at provide similar services. Some are more focused on specific ailments or populations, but they all work similarly.

Online therapy is a viable choice for people who cannot make it to a counseling office or who prefer the convenience of meeting with a therapist from the comfort of their own homes.

For people who prefer virtual therapy, this counseling style may be helpful, and there are a variety of therapeutic platforms accessible to accommodate diverse demands. If you’re interested in treatment, there’s almost certainly a program that fits your needs and price. Even if it’s simply on the internet, everyone requires human contact. Online counseling is a terrific alternative to traditional treatment and may help you through a difficult period. Whether you value the flexibility and rapid nature of online therapy or have trouble finding an excellent in-person therapist, online therapy platforms should be considered to assist you in your time of need.


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