Best Credit Cards For Bad Credit In 2022: Find Top Offers From Online Store For Pre Approved Credit Cards

Many people with challenging credit history simply give up on applying for a credit card. With credit cards being a staple of our society today, it is unimaginable for someone not to own them.

Also, thanks to the many benefits and perks they offer, they have become a regular paying medium, allowing us more freedom in our shopping habits.

Moreover, credit cards are one of the most convenient and valuable financial tools in modern times and the modern world as recommended by The Island Now. But what about if you have a poor credit score? How do you successfully apply for one? How do you get to enjoy these benefits too?

If these questions are also running through your mind, we hope you will find this article helpful, as we give you five suggestions for the best credit cards on the market.

Do not let the poor credit score stop you from enjoying the life you deserve because all of the five suggestion brands are especially created to help people with financial instability and difficulties.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s discover the best providers of credit cards and how we picked them for our list.

Top 5 Credit Cards To Build Credit & Credit Score:

  1. Indigo Mastercard: Overall Best Credit Cards On The Market, Editor’s Choice
  2. Milestone Mastercard: Trusted Prepaid Credit Cards For Better Credit Limit
  3. Destiny Mastercard: Top Student Credit Loans For Emergency Loans
  4. First Access Card: Preferred Store Credit Card For Zero Liability Protection
  5. FIT Mastercard: Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit With Guaranteed Approval

#1. Indigo Mastercard: Overall Best Credit Cards On The Market, Editor’s Choice


With one goal in mind, to facilitate as many customers as possible, this credit card is widely loved across clients.

Provided by the Celtic Bank and helping people since 2001, Indigo Mastercard is the pioneer and leader in this industry. With the simple online requirement form and the small number of conditions, almost anyone can get accepted for this credit card.

In only about two minutes, you can fill out the application form and check the APR charges on every credit score on Indigo Mastercard’s website. As a transparent brand, you can find all the key information you need with just one click.


You get a benefit and convenience like no other without the need to pay the yearly fee. With the Indigo Mastercard, you can open an account and be immediately able to apply for a credit card. After this application, the company will provide you with one in the shortest term possible.

Also, we want to mention that the company deducts the annual fee from your credit limit, so this is a different approach loved by thousands of applicants. What else is loved by the clients is that Indigo Mastercard charges only a 1% foreign transaction fee on a transaction you make.

  • Reasonably low penalty fees

Unlike the other credit card platforms, Indigo Mastercard went to a great extent to be able to provide low penalty fees.

So, if you keep making purchases after your limit has been reached, if you are late in your payments, or if you do not pay your installments in time, you will have to pay penalty fees, but they are considerably low.

This feature is specially created so that Indigo Mastercard does not put its clients into new and deeper costs and debts. They do everything they possibly can to ease the financial burden of their loyal customers.

  • High approval rate

With the option to get a pre-approval, you will not be required to provide much information in the initial application form. All you will need to enter are a few simple and basic things. By checking your Social Security Number, the Celtic Bank will be able to determine whether you meet their requirements or not.

After you are qualified to apply for a credit card, you will get asked to provide more thorough info. With the help of this additional information, they will be able to decide what kind of offer to make so that they can start and finalize the official application process.

  • Zero-interest on any purchases you make

If you regularly pay your bill before your due date, Indigo Mastercard will not charge you any interest on your purchases. You will have 25 days after each billing cycle. These 25 days represent your due day, so you always must pay in on time to avoid being charged and paying interest.

  • No impact on your credit score

Thanks to the excellent caretaking of their clients, you can always feel free to apply for pre-qualification and not have to stress whether that would impact your credit score or not.

Indigo Mastercard assures their clients that the pre-qualifying process will have absolutely no impact on their credit scores.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Indigo Card


  • You can use the card wherever the Mastercard is accepted
  • The company provides a fast pre-qualification process
  • The pre-qualification has no impact on your credit score
  • Credit reporting to the three major credit bureaus
  • Builds your credit


  • The maximum credit limit can be considered as low
  • Unsecured credit card

#2. Milestone Mastercard: Trusted Prepaid Credit Cards For Better Credit Limit


Established in 1891, The Bank of Missouri offers its premium services to millions of people. One of those services is the Milestone Mastercard which has helped thousands of people to overcome their financial troubles.

Being one of the oldest banks in the US, its team surely knows how to accommodate the conditions so that many people can be eligible to apply.

Also, when a credit card service is trusted and recommended by so many people, there is no doubt left whether that service is trustworthy or not. Milestone Mastercard was the absolute favorite on the US market for as long as we can remember.


With no hidden fees and a simple application form, Milestone Mastercard is the first and often only choice for anyone with a financial burden.

With the acceptable terms and conditions it offers, people can not resist and pass by their great offers. The application process is online, so anyone with an internet connection can apply.

Also, with the minimum requirements they offer, most of the clients can be eligible to apply for this credit card.

  • Minimal requirements

Milestone Mastercard established minimal requirements so people with a not-so-great financial situation can apply too.

Constantly improving their application conditions and adapting them to be able to match everyone, Milestone showed great care and empathy to all of those clients that needed it most.

So, if you are interested in applying for a Milestone Mastercard and also to be pre-qualified, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. The first and maybe most important condition is not to have had a Milestone Mastercard account that has been charged off due to delinquency.
  2. The second and equally important thing is that you must be 18 or above (19 in AL).
  3. You will also need to provide a physical address, US IP address, and a valid Social Security Number.
  4. Lastly, you will be required to meet some additional credit qualification criteria. This includes a review of your debt and your income and identity verification requirements.
  • MV chip-enabled

Milestone Mastercard has implemented an MV chip to provide additional protection and enhance security. With the help of this chip, you get a more secure way of paying for things.

The chips work by creating a unique single code that validates the transaction when it gets used at chip-enabled registers.

This way, the chip helps you to protect your card from unauthorized use. If there is no chip-enabled terminal, you just need to swipe your card’s magnetic stripe in the provided slot.

  • Simple application process

With the simple online application form, you can fill out the credit card application whenever and wherever you want. Made to be as convenient as possible, you are all required to have a stable internet connection and a device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

The pre-qualification application form contains the following requirements: Your first and last name, a valid physical address, your email address, a valid phone number/s, your date of birth, and your Social Security Number.

Keep in mind that you can check if you have pre-qualified without impacting your credit score. Also, after applying, it only takes a few seconds to receive your offer.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Milestone Card


  • Use this card wherever the Mastercard is accepted in the US
  • There is no need for a security deposit
  • Balance transfers and purchases are always available
  • Your account history is reported to all three credit bureaus


  • There is no low intro APR
  • There is a zero liability guarantee

#3. Destiny Mastercard: Top Student Credit Loans For Emergency Loans


Issued by the First Electronic Bank, the Destiny Mastercard is the best option for those who do not want to pay any deposit or security. As an unsecured credit card, it offers many benefits to clients who can not say they have a good credit score.

Also, by making regular and on-time monthly payments, you can demonstrate financial responsibility and improve your reputation.

This better reputation will later lead to a higher acceptance chance if you apply for a loan or any other financial request you might have.

In addition, we want to mention that this card can be used almost everywhere so you can do your shopping without any restrictions.


Destiny Mastercard has many perks and benefits that will undoubtedly serve all its users. With a principal goal to help people with bad financial statuses and poor credit scores, Destiny Mastercard is the leader on the market.

Thousands of American clients have used and preferred this card thanks to the free cash advance and the $0 fraud liability. Additionally, the EMV chip protection makes it one of the most secure to use credit cards throughout the U.S.

  • Annual fees

When you apply for a credit card without any security deposit, you must know that there are some fees that the companies charge for using the credit cards.

So, if you decide on Destiny Mastercard, expect the annual fee to be anywhere from $59 up to $75 for the first year. After the first year, the annual fee increases to $99 for the rest of the following years.

However, this amount will get deducted from your credit limit. So, if you have already set the annual credit limit, you should expect up to $99 less.

  • Mastercard ID theft protection™

This platform made everything possible to ensure only the highest-protection methods for protecting personal data, known for its excellent care for clients.

These safety measures conducted through identity monitoring processes provide high-security protection for your credit cards, debit cards, Social Security Number, passwords for web logins, usernames, email addresses, bank accounts, and much more.

  • Zero liability protection

If your credit card gets stolen or lost, worry not. Mastercard gives you a time frame of 24 hours to report it. This means that every transaction that would possibly be made will not get charged to you.

In addition, every unauthorized payment from your credit card will also get exempted from your credit card limit.

But, to avoid this altogether, the platform will allow you to enable a feature that is called One-Time Passcode or OTP. All you will need is to have your phone with you because if not, they can use your phone and card to make more purchases.

  • 24/7 available online services

Destiny Mastercard’s platform services are available at any time of the day, seven days a week, to provide the best service possible. So, feel free to apply whenever you find it the most convenient. You will not have to wait for an answer as the lenders also work 24/7.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Destiny Card


  • There is an easy 24/7 online access
  • There is a chip card for extra security and protection
  • The company has an additional ID theft protection
  • Destiny Mastercard can be used for rental cars and hotels


  • With this card, you get no cash rewards

#4. First Access Visa Credit Card: Preferred Store Credit Card For Zero Liability Protection


Also offered by The Bank of Missouri, this card is something special. As its name says, the First Access Visa credit card is the first access to everyone, as the chances for people getting it is 100%.

Suitable for clients with low credit scores, you can apply for this credit card even if your credit score equals a zero. This fact shows how much the founders of this card tried to cover every person who might need a credit card and emergency finances.

To get this card, you must provide a checking account so that the credit lender can automatically cut payments from your account. By doing so, the bank ensures that you will pay back the money in time, and also, this is an excellent feature because it helps you increase your credit score.


With the option for timely payments, the First Access Card provides its users with a chance to drastically increase their credit score. And by improving your credit score, in the future, you will have even more options to choose from whether you have a financial need or an emergency.

Also, it is good to know that some of this card’s fees can be refundable if you take your credit score above 600 with the help of this card. In addition, let’s see what other features the First Access card holds.

  • Not cutting APR on purchases

With this feature, you can feel free to make any kind of online purchase you would want or need and therefore be sure that this card will not cut any APR on your purchases.

Moreover, online purchases can even end your credit limit, and this credit card will still not cut anything.

  • Choose a custom design on the card

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of this credit card, or you would prefer a unique design, with paying $9.95 for premium designs, you will be able to get a custom-designed credit card.

This fee will get billed to your account so that you will have no additional forms you would be required to fill out, and also, you will pay this fee through the installments.

Another important thing regarding the card design is that if your design is too complicated or requires too many colors, they will not be able to proceed with your inquiry.

  • Freedom and flexibility

This credit card is a genuine Visa card that most merchandisers accept. Thanks to this feature, you can feel free and limitless while shopping, online or in the physical stores and shops. So, this means no more checking the stores before going to shop there.

  • Annual fees

If you choose this card, you will get reduced annual fees instead of increasing the annual fees as other companies do. So this means that in the first year, you will have to pay $75, which will then get reduced to $48.

Another essential thing to mention is that once your application is approved, there is a $95 sign-on fee you will be required to pay.

=> Click here to visit the official website of First Access Card


  • Credit reporting to all three major credit bureaus
  • The company has a secure online application
  • Shopping freedom and flexibility
  • Checking account required
  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Accepted by merchants across the USA and online


  • There is a high regular APR ( 34.99% )

#5. FIT Mastercard: Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit With Guaranteed Approval


With an A rating from BBB ( Better Business Bureau), FIT Mastercard is the leader and pioneer in this industry. As one of the market’s most trustworthy and best credit cards, the A rating means that the company has never been caught in legal trouble or fraud.

Moreover, FIT Mastercard has been a devoted server and helper to millions of customers with their financial needs.

Another thing that separates FIT Mastercard from others is the credit limit. Unlike the rest of the companies that offer smaller amounts, this brand went beyond itself and decided to provide a $400 credit limit.

But, we must mention that a complicated application form must be filled out to apply for a credit card.

Also, as there is no option for pre-qualifying, your application will get graded based on the info you provide in this application form.

And lastly, we were so happy when we saw that this card could be used inside and outside the USA, which is a great thing, meaning you will not get limited where you will be spending your funds.


Thanks to the USA Patriot Act, FIT Mastercard’s services are safe. Moreover, this means that all of the personal information you provide will be highly protected and will remain private.

Also, another great thing we want to mention is that if by any means you get rejected, you will instantly get offered other banks and services so that you will get a credit card this way or another.

Finally, it is essential to know that, unlike the other companies, with FIT Mastercard, there are no minimum charges.

  • Free access to Vantage 3.0 score

If you have not heard about the Vantage score, do not worry, as it is the same as your FICO score. Thanks to its free service, you can check your e-statement to see how much your credit score has improved. But, keep in mind that the check for this score can be performed every 12 hours daily.

Also, this free access will be available after you sign up for the e-statement. The perks and benefits from this service come after you pass the 500 scores. You will be able to upgrade your credit card and have fewer charges.

  • Doubling the credit limit in six months

One of the features that FIT Mastercard’s team is most proud of is the doubling of the credit limit in six months.

You are not required to submit any kind of request or anything similar. They just double it, from the initial limit of $400 to $800 after six months. And then, after a year, if you show good performance and regular payback, the limit will go from $800 to $1,600.

The maximum credit limit is $2,000, which is much more than any platform of this kind can afford.

  • Simple eligibility requirements

Although the application form is lengthy, this credit card has also been intended for people with bad credit and low income, so the requirements are minimal and simple like the other companies.

=> Click here to visit the official website of FIT Mastercard


  • The starting amount of credit limit is $400
  • You will be required a checking account
  • The credit limit increases double after six months
  • Protected private data
  • The credit card can be used inside and outside of the U.S.
  • A rating from Better Business Bureau


  • The APRs on cash advances and purchases are on a higher side
  • The amount of fees is heftier than usual

How We Created This List For Best Credit Cards 2022?

Finding the right and legitimate credit card offers, many times, can be a complicated and lengthy process. As there are many little things you need to pay attention to, you must be careful; otherwise, you might get scammed.

So, to save you from all that additional trouble, we took the job into our hands and started researching the market.

In the very beginning, we have created a strict and concise list of requirements and a list with criteria that the brands must meet and fulfill so that they can be considered trusted, reputable, and legitimate brands.

Let’s see what we had considered while searching for the best credit card platforms on the American market. Here are the factors:

  • Brand transparency

When it comes to finances, brand transparency is one of the key items you should look for in a brand. That is why this was our top priority while doing our research.

We wanted to ensure that all the brands are 100% transparent companies practicing open communication with their clients while also having listed and displayed all vital information regarding their services on their website.

Moreover, we wanted to ensure that besides the basic info, these brands offered some additional information regarding their services so that the clients could more efficiently manage the whole credit card application process.

And finally, we are happy to report that all of the five brands we have found are 100% transparent companies offering open communication with all their clients.

  • User reviews

If you are seeking the truth, seek it in the customer reviews. With this phrase serving as our motto, we gave it great importance while researching the market.

This section is where we have spent most of our time while we went through hundreds upon hundreds of reviews to conclude what the majority of users were saying for each brand individually.

As customers are the most important factor, we made sure to read their comments regarding their experiences and positive or negative things they had to say about the service they had purchased. The more customer reviews we had read, the better conclusion we were able to make.

  • Brand background and reputation

Brand’s principles were something we wanted to take a deeper look into as those things are the pillars that rely on the company policies.

To ensure that the brands we suggested were legitimate, we checked on the company’s founder, headquarters location, how they treat their employees, the quality of services they offer, etc.

Moreover, when it comes to a brand’s reputation, we took into consideration whether people trusted the brand and would they recommend it to friends and family. The higher the percentage of people that believe in a brand, the higher that brand’s reputation.

  • No additional fees

As many brands tend to charge ridiculously high fixed processing fees, we have found the best credit card brands that do not practice these malicious conditions. Instead, all suggested brands on the list offer zero processing fees for the most famous merchant.

Also, with these brands, you will pay less of a balance transfer fee if you decide on upgrading your secured credit card.

  • Suitable for bad credit score

Because we wanted this article to be helpful to as many people as possible, we paid particular attention to whether these brands were collaborative regarding customers with bad credit scores. So, if you are someone with not the most brilliant credit score situation, worry not. You can feel free to apply for a credit card to any of the five brands, as they will do everything in their power to come forward and help you as best as possible.

  • Lower APR

To make it easier for you, we have found the best credit card companies that offer the lowest possible APR on the market. This way, you may feel more relieved as you will not have to spend much additional money on the high APR.

Moreover, if you pay the installments on time, some companies may further lower the rate for your convenience.

Factors To Consider Before Opting For Credit Cards For Bad Credit

We know how important it is for you to rely on a guide, so we created one. Here you can see the most important factors to consider when looking for the best providers of credit cards on the market. Therefore, the factors are:

  • Customer experience

You can never go wrong by checking the customer experience sections on the product’s websites. In these sections, you can usually find the truth about the product you are interested in purchasing.

If you go thoroughly through as many customer experiences as possible, you will be able to determine better whether that product will work for you or not. Also, you will be able to make a better and more precise judgment on whether that product will meet your desires and expectations or not.

This thing should always be the first to check, as here you will be able to see if the product or service is doing what it claims to do.

People’s comments in these sections are always sincere, raw, and detailed, so read carefully and maybe save yourself money that you would otherwise spend on a product that will not work for you.

  • Company reputation

We all know how hard it can be to reach a positive and trustable reputation. That task gets more complex daily with so many things to consider.

So, when you see a company that is highly respected, trustable, and reputable, you need to remember all the things they must be doing, all the hard work they are putting into the quality of their services and products, the thought and care they put into providing the most excellent customer care service, etc.

As the clients notice and appreciate these things, the brands are rewarded with great trust and excellent reviews. This is also the case with the brands we have suggested. They are highly reputable and trustworthy companies, so you will not be disappointed whichever you choose.

  • Company background

Before purchasing a product or a service, it is always a smart idea to check the company’s background. Doing so can ensure that you will not get scammed and that the brand is legitimate.

When doing a company background check, you need to constantly check who the founder is, where the company’s headquarters is, what the brand’s principles of work are, how they treat their employees, work ethics, etc.

If all of those things seem positive and according to the law, it means that this particular company is most likely legitimate.

  • Chances to upgrade

When applying for a credit card, it is always wise to look for the possibilities of upgrading the credit limit. Many brands offer an upgrade after a few months of regular installment payments, so be sure to thoroughly check and find the brand that works best for you.

Moreover, you can check the brands we have suggested as some of them, after six months, offer up to a 100% increase in credit limit.

  • Acceptability

If you are looking for a credit card that will not limit your shopping experiences, an essential factor is whether that credit card is accepted worldwide.

Also, you need to check the rates decided by the banks themselves. You must pay these rates while converting dollars to other currency when shopping online. So, that is why you need to ensure that you will not spend more money than you need.

  • Expedited payment fees

Many companies will charge you additional fees if you are willing to get your money on the credit card in a shorter time. That’s why you must ensure that the brand you will be working with will not charge you if you opt for an expedited payment method.

  • Credit score improvement

When you are looking into companies that offer credit cards, a key factor in your decision should be whether that company would influence to improve your credit score. To do so, companies must report back to at least three major credit bureaus to positively impact their credit score.

  • Rewards

Frequently, people underestimate the perks and benefits of companies’ reward systems. When a brand has a well-established reward system, its clients have more chances for bonuses, discounts, and generally better and more affordable deals, than the clients of brands with a poor reward system.

You can get these rewards through multiple sources. Sometimes the bonuses might come from purchases and sometimes from paying the dues on time. So, be on the lookout for that because who doesn’t want a beneficial reward?

FAQs On Store Credit Cards

Q1. What Is A Chip Card?

Nowadays, almost every credit card comes with a chip. The purpose of this chip is to provide extra safety and security and add additional protection from counterfeit fraud.

The way this chip works is that it contains a unique single-use code that helps in the verification of the buyer and the transaction during the purchase. This cheap card is easy to use as all you need to do is insert the chip end of your card into the slot.

Q2. Why Is A Good Payment Record Important?

If you have good credit records, it automatically means that you will probably be able to qualify and get much better offers and rates on car loans, mortgages, house loans, and many other forms of credit.

Although many platforms work with clients with poor credit scores, the offers are different for those with good and bad credit scores.

Q3 How Can I Use My Credit Card?

The best thing about credit cards is that they have multiple uses so you can use them for various reasons. First, the most widely practiced use of credit cards is for general purposes. This means you can purchase everyday things you will need, pay your bills, pay for groceries, pay your monthly cellular telephone bill, etc.

The second most common reason for applying for a credit card is to improve your credit score. And by improving your credit score, you can apply for a bigger loan. So, in other words, you can use the credit card any way you need and want.

Q4. How Can I Improve My Credit Score By Using Credit Cards?

Applying for and using a credit card can be extremely helpful if you are looking for the most convenient way to improve your credit score. The way that this process works is very simple. You must pay the installments back each month before your due date. By doing so, you are making an impression of a reliable and responsible person and client.

Another way to pay back your monthly bills is by authorizing the bank to do that automatically. This way, you will not have to worry about whether it is time to make the payback or not. And you will never miss or forget your due date.

Conclusion: Get The Best Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit

With today’s fast life tempo, a credit card is necessary. Carrying cash is something to be left in the past. Thanks to the many perks and benefits credit cards offer, your everyday shopping experience can get elevated to the next level.

Moreover, as many people do not meet the bank’s strict credit card application terms and conditions, we offer you this article with the hope of helping.

In this article, you can find five excellent platforms that would gladly help you with your credit card journey. Also, you can find many valuable tips and tricks that will undoubtedly come in handy during your credit card application process.

So, choose the best credit cards that suit your needs and enjoy your life to the fullest!

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