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Check your “Pulse” | NKF&R News

CPR and AED class As of this writing, we haven’t set the date for our next CPR and AED class, but we’ll have one in… Continue reading

Firedog’s memory burns on | North Kitsap Fire & Rescue | October

UPDATE: The unveiling of the Blaze sculpture, scheduled for Oct. 3, has been canceled so fire department personnel can attend the memorial services for former… Continue reading

Help prevent head injuries | NKF&R | May

National Safe Kids Week is April 25 through May 3. This year, the focus is on prevention of sports-related head injuries.We commend the efforts of… Continue reading

Summer heat brings burn ban | NKF&R | August

Thank you to the many folks out there who purchased our raffle tickets to benefit Kingston’s Fourth of July celebration.The firefighters added a $500 donation… Continue reading

Anyone can be a lifesaver | NKF&R | October

When a 54-year-old man collapsed during training at the Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust facility in Kingston this summer, three people acted quickly and decisively prior… Continue reading

Help lead the parade, celebrate firefighter-style | North Kitsap Fire & Rescue

Our firefighters, volunteers, staff and commissioners are planning to donate $1,000 to support Kingston’s Fourth of July Celebration.

Summer fire preparation | North Kitsap Fire & Rescue

As of this writing, there are already several large wildland fires underway on the west (“wet”) side of the Cascades and it seems like the fire season is starting early.

Five things that can keep you and your family safe | North Kitsap Fire & Rescue

Child car seat check, Smart phone application can help save lives, CPR/AED Class, and Make sure you’ve got two ways out of EVERY ROOM.

Annual community breakfast honors victims of 9/11

Join us for our 14th annual Community Breakfast from 7-10 a.m. Sept. 11. There is no charge for the light meal, provided by NKF&R firefighters. Breakfast consists of croissants, bagels, muffins, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, cheese, coffee and juice.

Have a safe Fourth of July: Leave fireworks to the pros

To prevent dangerous wildland fires that could spread through fields and forests to endanger homes, fire officials are working with local governments to limit ignition sources but also need your help.

Look for firefighters around town in May

North Kitsap Fire & Rescue firefighters getting involved in community events, education.

Join North Kitsap Fire for 9/11 breakfast | North Kitsap Fire & Rescue

Farewell and best wishes to Capt. Toby Schultz as he retires from NKF&R and the fire service.

Donate to win July 4th package through fire department | NKF&R

Help NKF&R firefighters support Kingston’s Fourth of July Celebration by making your donation to that cause through us.

3 NKF&R firefighters promoted to lieutenant | NKF&R

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating three of our firefighters whose promotion to the rank of lieutenant was officially recognized during brief ceremonies on Feb. 17.

Your chance to ride in a fire truck in the Fourth of July parade | NKF&R

LEAD THE PARADE: Help NKF&R firefighters support Kingston’s Fourth of July Celebration by making your donation to that cause through us.

Safe Haven laws are here to protect newborns | NKF&R

In the wake of the recent murder of a newborn baby near Ocean Shores, we want to remind the public about Washington state’s Safety of Newborn Children law.

Make sure your building has a clear exit in case of fire | North Kitsap Fire & Rescue

Fire Safety in Public Places: The tragic late-January fire that killed 238 (as of this writing) people in Brazil is just the latest in a sad string of devastating nightclub blazes both here and abroad.

2012 breaks NKF&R call volume, injury crashes decrease | NKF&R

Since 2007, our call volume had been relatively flat after two decades of double-digit annual growth.

Some tips on how to be safe during this holiday season | NKF&R

The holidays should be a time of celebration but, unfortunately, they are also a time of increased risk for fire — and the majority of these incidents start with cooking, candles or Christmas trees.

NKF&R welcomes new firefighter/paramedic | North Kitsap Fire & Rescue

Help your neighbors, be a part of a top-notch team and learn valuable skills by joining your fire department’s volunteer program.