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A standing ovation for you parents | Roundabout

A standing ovation for you parents | Roundabout

For some reason, my 19-year-old was watching “Thomas the Tank Engine” this morning. I didn’t ask why. She’s home on a break from college; she… Continue reading


Road Trippin’ | RoundAbout

It’s Friday the 13th before a three-day weekend, and I’ve got itchy feet. I need to get out and go somewhere. My husband says no,… Continue reading


Calling all losers! (Yes, I’m talking to you) | Roundabout

That’s right, I called you a loser. You are a loser, right? I know I am. I never win at footraces or those contests where… Continue reading



Jacob will not eat vegetables. He is four, soon-to-be-five, and very skilled at detecting the tiniest bit of broccoli in a bowl of rice, or hint of orange carrot mixed in with his pasta.

Roundabout: Kid-friendly or house-beautiful

If you’ve been to our house, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen something we wouldn’t have planned for you to see.

Roundabout: A “Little Women” Christmas

Is “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott a Christmas story? At our house it is.

There she goes | Round About | June

This morning, anticipating that my English muffin would soon be popping from the toaster, I went to the cupboard for a plate. Sitting out on… Continue reading

Adventures of a produce hound | Round About | October

I pulled up to the house on this cool, rainy September afternoon, and saw something on the ground under our cedar tree. It appeared to… Continue reading

Being Mrs. Incredible | Round About | February

I keep a picture of Elastigirl, aka Mrs. Incredible on, my refrigerator. I love her. She and Nancy Drew are my heroes. They are both… Continue reading

Contented feeling should not be sought | Roundabout

It was a snow day! The kids were home, and we had some fun. In the morning, the snow was fresh and new, and the kids weren’t soaked and tired yet.

A letter to an American icon | Roundabout

Dear Doris Day, I have this wonderful fantasy that I get to meet you.

Accumulating stuff: hoarders vs. minimalists | Roundabout

Last year at college, Jenna started cooking for herself. This meant that in addition to clothes and school supplies, she would need an adequately stocked kitchen.

Dabbling in alchemy: A close call leads to phone call | Roundabout

I got to call Poison Control this morning. Oh, joy. Jacob, who is 9 — years, not months — proudly told me that last night he had mixed a variety of lotions and medicines together, added a little water, and created a potion.

Ideas on making the world a sweeter place | Roundabout

Our lovely young friend Lia called last week. She asked Dirk if he’d take a peek at her taxes, make sure everything looked all right...To say thank you, Lia brought a 9x13 pan of brownies.

Bring on the band, and support for our schools | Roundabout

It’s Friday afternoon before Viking Fest, and I am getting ready for my seventh Kingston Middle School Band trip. I’m so excited!

Prepare for the worst with a book, maybe a cake and craft supplies | Roundabout

I have a prickly dread of being isolated at home with a houseful of kids and a husband and nothing to do.

Kingston High School 2016 graduates bounce beach balls and celebrate their milestone during their graduation ceremony on June 11.

I am From | Roundabout

Our Libby just graduated from high school. She’s our third, so we’ve done this before. But it wasn’t until this time around that I realized I don’t love it when my kids graduate from high school. In fact, it occurred to me that I’ve been tricked.

Kingston High School 2016 graduates bounce beach balls and celebrate their milestone during their graduation ceremony on June 11.

Bringing a hotdish to the potluck | Roundabout

My teenagers came home and said they needed to bring a hotdish to an event. Hotdish?

Busy summer for North Kitsap firefighters

Last week, there was a wildfire west of Jefferson Beach Estates. Did you know locals were wandering around, by car and on foot, wondering where the smell of smoke was coming from?

Spend the summer doing community service

Whatever your summer includes, here is an activity you may not have thought of that could be a great thing to teach your kids: service.