Jerry Cornfield

Public opinion is nearly unchanged on Trump’s impeachment

Only independents show signs of movement


Inslee skips chance to confront ‘blackmail’

Governor says state’s largest employer held him, state hostage for tax breaks


It’s been a dreary month of July for Tim Eyman

Initiative tax cutter is losing his fanbase, Cornfield says


Democrats do victory lap at end of session

Political reporter Jerry Cornfield offers his view of the concluding state legislative session

Winners and losers in Washington state midterms

Political reporter Jerry Cornfield offers his conclusions on the state midterm results.

Jerry Cornfield

These 17 people will decide raises for elected officials

OLYMPIA — Are the 147 members of the state Legislature in line for a raise? Should the salaries of judges in Washington state be on… Continue reading

Jerry Cornfield

There will likely be a 2020 presidential primary here

State Democrats are signaling a willingness to place greater emphasis on primary results.

Taskforce on public records law sits vacant while Legislature sorts things out

OLYMPIA — A bunch of folks at the William D. Ruckelshaus Center are waiting to help bring about detente in the public records battle between… Continue reading

Eyman putting his money at risk for car tax initiative

The initiative booster’s move is dramatic — or desperate — depending on your point of view.

Did guns rights advocates shoot themselves in the foot?

Their fight blocking an age limit on buying semiautomatics has spurred a voter initiative.

Property tax issue a spectator sport in Olympia

Property tax and car tabs issues are likely to be campaign fodder this fall.

Jerry Cornfield

A whole lot of shakin’ may be ahead for state Legislature this fall

All 98 seats in the House and 25 seats in the Senate are up for election.

Jerry Cornfield

Overburdened counties say ‘enough’ | Jerry Cornfield

Unfunded mandates from state are unfairly shifting costs locally, counties say.

Get ready for power shift in Senate | Jerry Cornfield

Democrats went to bed Nov. 7 — Election Day — confidently declaring their party will control the levers of legislating in state government by the… Continue reading

Immigration agency puts ‘shame’ reports on hold | Jerry Cornfield

The Trump administration has stopped producing a weekly scorecard of law enforcement agencies it says are not cooperating with stepped-up federal efforts to deport those… Continue reading

Legislators have their hands full in 2017 session | The Petri Dish

Time is running out on the 2017 Legislature. As of Feb. 3, there are only 79 days remaining in the regular session, even fewer when… Continue reading

Calling it now: Special Session | Jerry Cornfield

OLYMPIA — Time is running out on the 2017 Legislature. There are less than 100 days remaining in the regular session, even less when you… Continue reading

2016 a year of unexpected outcomes | Jerry Cornfield

OLYMPIA — This wasn’t a very good year for many of the nation’s venerable pollsters and pundits as they got trumped by fake news and… Continue reading

Inslee unveils billion-dollar education funding plan

OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee unveiled a $46.7 billion budget proposal Dec. 14 that fully funds public schools, provides state employees a raise, freezes college… Continue reading