Jump in your jalopy for Poulsbo’s Viking City Car Show

This Saturday, Sept. 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Front Street in Poulsbo will travel back in time with its first-ever classic car and… Continue reading


Safety emphasis patrols will target paddleboarders Labor Day weekend

Boards are considered vessels subject to recreational boating laws once they leave a designated area


A student practices navigation while underway during practical hours of a Bremerton Sail and Power Squadron class.
                                Rick Hurst / Bremerton Sail and Power Squadron

Sail and Power Squadron teaches boater safety

BREMERTON — Bremerton Sail and Power Squadron is the local chapter of an international organization aimed at education, socialization and civic service when it comes… Continue reading


Custom-made paddle boat is displayed on Liberty Bay

POULSBO — With 3.5-inch engines, 80 square feet of tubing and one large paddle wheel, Allan D. Dunlap’s paddle boat touched the Liberty Bay water… Continue reading

Boaters, beware: Drinking, driving could get you a BUI

OLYMPIA — Boaters, take note: state and local law enforcement agencies will join forces to conduct boating under the influence, or BUI, emphasis patrols on… Continue reading

State boaters required to get new hull ID numbers

PORT ORCHARD — The state Department of Licensing is reminding more than 19,000 Washington boat owners that they are required to get new hull identification… Continue reading