Vikings roughen up the Roughriders

After a season-opening loss to Tumwater, North Kitsap bounced back against Port Angeles with a 51-20 victory on the road Sept. 15.

The Vikings started strong with a 20-yard screen pass to Logan Sloman. After a few plays, quarterback Cole Edwards threw another screen pass to give the Vikings to an early lead.

The Roughriders responded on the next drive with a handful of passes on the home field sideline. In addition, Port Angeles’ Landyn Jones caught a long pass down the middle of the field into the Vikings’ red zone. The Roughriders tied it on the next play on a bootleg pass.

Sloman made his presence known again soon after with a catch and run to the Roughriders 10-yard line. Alex Hitchings made the TD reception to give the Vikings the lead again.

Port Angeles quarterback Parker Nickerson led the Roughriders on their second drive. He scrambled a few times before the drive stalled at Viking 25-yard line at the start of the second quarter.

Sloman took it 73 yards for a Viking touchdown a couple of plays later.

However, Port Angeles responded with a 60-yard pass to put the Roughriders on the Viking 30-yard line. But Viking Lelond Anderson ended that threat with an interception.

Sloman picked up another touchdown with a 10-yard bubble pass from Edwards to give the Vikings a three-possession lead.

Port Angeles responded again a few plays later to cut again into the lead.

After a few failed drives, Carter Dungy made a splash in the third quarter with a long run to put the Vikings in the red zone. They followed it up a few plays later with a touchdown on fourth down. Alex Elton caught the final touchdown pass before the lead was big enough that the bench players began to see playing time.

In the final quarter, the reserves traded touchdowns with the Roughriders to end the game.