Questions and answers with Will Fenton

Former Viking takes the hill for the UW Huskies

LOS ANGELES — Before taking the mound against the University of Southern California, Will Fenton found time to answer a few questions about his first year playing Division I baseball. Fenton, a former all-league pitcher for the Vikings, is only a freshman at UW but has been surprised by his numerous appearances as a reliever.

At press time, the North Kitsap grad had gone 2-2 with 14 appearances. His ERA is 3.48, and he has struck out 36 batters in 33.2 innings.

1) What is the most surprising thing about this season?

The most surprising thing has been how well I’m doing. I didn’t expect to play a lot.

2) What was the biggest adjustment between high school and college?

In high school I tried to throw it past everybody. In college, hitters can catch up with it. You have to fool them. I’ve been working on a change-up.

3) What was the best appearance you’ve made?

There’s one against WSU that went pretty well. My favorite was down at Cal with two outs, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth. I got the save. I think I faced three batters. I got an out on first base on a bunt, then the bases got loaded, struck out two guys to end it. That was pretty cool.

4) What was the most impressive stadium you’ve seen?

I think Fresno State. There was about 3,500 people in the stands. People heckling the whole time. That was pretty intimidating. Especially because it was my first road trip.

5) How are hitters different?

They’re all better. The top one or two guy from the high school team is pretty much the average guy (in college).

6) Are you getting along well with your teammates?

I like the team a lot. They’re a pretty welcoming group. There’s not too much differences in ages, and everyone just gets along.

7) How have you changed as a pitcher since getting to college?

Trying to hit spots, instead of trying to throw it by people. My mechanics have gotten better, which has helped my arm problems. I had no idea how I was going to do.

8) What’s the toughest team you’ve had to face?

Stanford. I got hit pretty hard when Stanford came up. They were preseason number one in the nation.

9) How have the fans at UW been?

We’ve been getting some pretty good crowds … around 1,000. That’s not too bad.

10) What are you still looking forward to?

Hopefully, a Pac-10 championship. Then moving on to regionals. I’d be really nice to win Pac-10 Championship and get a big ring and everything.